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The common phrase "we save the best for last" is particularly true when it comes to a night of dining. We end our meals with dessert, which is the the best part as nothing is more exquisite than scrumptious pies, cakes, cookies, chocolates, and pastries galore.

Are you salivating yet? Because these following cakes will surely make your mouth water. That is, if you can get past the artistry of it.

Under The Sea And Into My Mouth

My favorite part are the multicolored scales surrounding the bottom of the cake. I wouldn't want this one to swim away before I could get a bite.

[Source: Cakes By Joanne]

Beautifully Beastly Cake

The most gorgeous part about this cake is the stained glass window image of Belle and the Beast. But I do hope that part is edible too.

[Source: Tammy's Frosted Memories]

More Warm Than Frozen

Don't be fooled by all that icy blue. This cake will definitely melt in your mouth.

[Source: Cuteology Cakes]

Let's Get Down To Business

It's almost too magnificent and radiant to eat...but my stomach could overlook that fact and would feel no problem slicing through it.

[Source: Pastry Chik]

No Frogs Found In Here

This may sound odd, but I would totally wear a dress like this. That was also edible, in case I got hungry. It's really genius, when you think about it.

[Source: Cake Central]

More Delicious Than A Red Apple

The color scheme is so on point, as is the gorgeous embroidery-like detail. Part of me wants to sink my teeth in, and the other part of me wants to preserve this work of art. Oh, the struggle.

[Source: cacau2u]

Tangled Tastebuds

The is the only food I'm fine with finding some hair in.

[Source: WithLoveAndConfection]

It's official. My stomach is growling so loudly and I could really use a moist, spongey, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Pronto!

[Source: cakewrecks, cakecentral]


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