ByChad Pigpen Wilson, writer at
I like blood and guts and I make art.
Chad Pigpen Wilson

Blood, guts and body parts flying everywhere, plus bad ass Kung Fu fighting. You get more of the same in Man of the Iron Fist 2. We do not get the film that was teased at the end of the first movie but the plot of this film makes up for it, our hero form the first film is on a quest to find peace and regain his chi. But as always things go astray and our hero ends up injured in a mining village with an evil leader and if you have seen any Kung Fu movie ever you know what happens next. If you love Kung Fu movies and hip hop or if you just really loved the first movie then this is the film for you, If not still check it out its tons of fun and it's on Netflix, and there are exploding people.


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