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Tyler Easterday

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" has been a tour de force of sitcom television since it's debut in 2005. The pilot was shot by the core show runner and creator, Rob "Mac" McElenney, in his apartment with co-stars, Glenn "Dennis" Howerton and Charlie "Kelley" Day. Their only budget was money for tapes in their small, poor quality handy-cam. "The Gang", as they would soon be known, pitched their pilot to several networks. Rob McElhenney states in a 2009 interview that one network executive stood up five minutes into the airing of their rag-tag and raunchy first episode only to tell the

"Get out."

Soon, however, FX saw the pilot, picked it up, re-shot in better quality, moved the original setting of LA to Philly, and hired Kaitlin Olson for a good balance of character archetypes. See more about this process here: .

After the first season, FX recognized their talent and potential, but knew something had to be added. Hence, Danny Devito. After the third season and second season with Devito, the show was bound for glory. "The Gang" went on several press tables, talk shows, and even a musical tour for their classic "Dayman" episode. Their ambition was high, and "the Gang" caught their big break.

Now, Always Sunny has just ended its tenth season, and aired over 100 episodes. They still remain under complete control of the show, and edit every script that they don't write themselves. The show was referred to as "Seinfeld on crack" when it first debuted, and I wouldn't say that's too far off. It is definitely a rags-to-riches story for "the Gang", and after being renewed for two more seasons, we hope to see their golden cynicism continue to reign through Philly... But without the rain cuz It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


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