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Tyler Easterday

Big time in Hollywood, FL is a show created by Dan Shchimpf and Alex Anfanger. Alex Anfanger plays a slightly overambitious young filmmaker living with his parents and his older brother, Ben, played by Lenny Jacobson. Both brothers are determined to make a breakthrough film, and will go to quite any lengths to reach it. Produced by Ben Stiller, there is definitely a genius the show's writing and plot development that supports the "Stiller seal of approval". It's one of the first successful serial sitcoms on Comedy Central, and has instantly rang chords with critics everywhere.

The show leaves every episode on a cliffhanger, and one could call it a mixture of AMC dramas and slacker-humor. The result is a lot more enticing that the description sounds, however. The tiny metaphors and plot-depth bring to mind recent breakthrough dramas, but the humor brings a brilliant satirical tone to the series. This humor goes from cerebral to just straight absurd, but the satire of modern youth filmmakers comes with an equal reverence for young DIY movie buffs. One can't help, but find the charm in the ambition, hilarity in the performances and the levity of the shows's execution, making Big Time one pleasantly original surprise of a series.

Comedy Central has definitely raked in a successful and continual series of purely unique tone. The plot direction is one of a kind, and the characters bring to mind the absurdity of Eastbound and Down, but with the progressive wit of Better Call Saul. Big Time has already been renewed for a second season, and it doesn't look like that will be all they have in store. This show has potential to be one of the first great comedic serials in a tone unlike any before it... And we're all rooting for the Big Timers to make the Big Time.


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