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Sandman? Electro? Red Skull? Who cares, right?

The problem with superhero movies isn't usually the hero. It's more often the villain.

Do we really care about Spiderman defeating Electro? He's a C level villain at best. I would even wager more people know break-out Amazing Spider Man 2 actor Jamie Foxx than knew his comic book counter part, Electro.

The superhero films that get it right are always the ones with the best villain at the helm. After all, it takes a villain to make a hero.

Studios, feel free to take these suggestions. Here are the top villains to use for superhero movies:

The X-men

This one is easy, and also shows why the Brian Singer films were so successful (Days of Future Past excluded), while First Class wasn't so great.


If a The X-men film doesn't have Magneto as the antagonist, good luck. You've already missed out on the most intense and interesting part of the series: Two friends fighting for the same cause, but their morals and methods diverged along the way. A modern day Martin King Jr. and Malcolm X.

That's where the movie is.


This one is split between two great supervillains: Dr. Octopus and Hobgoblin.

That's right: Hobgoblin over Green Goblin.

When you boil it down, Hobgoblin's relationship with Peter is much more intense and interesting than Green Goblin's. It can be hard to fit that much pathos into a movie, so filmmakers often go the easier route like using Green Goblin or Lizardman instead.

Dr. Octopus is also a great pick because he represents everything that Peter Parker wanted to be, but turned corrupt from loss, which is something Peter knows he'll have to deal with.



Despite racial bending (which many comic book fans have a problem with, but not me), the 2003 Ben Affleck film, Daredevil, got this villain down. Nothing pairs as well with the blind, do-gooder Daredevil than the 20/20 vision thug, Kingpin. Hopefully future iterations of the film make the wise choice of using this villain instead of someone like Death Stalker.



The only logical choice for an Avengers villain is Ultron. That's why the first film isn't very good and feels more like a building movie (Similar to Batman Begins). Luckily we get to see Ultron soon in Avengers: Age of Ultron.


Here's a franchise that's got it right a couple of times.


Did I miss anyone? Comment below with your picks.

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