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Justice has a number
Sam McGill

The Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out this weekend! We are all obviously excited! If you haven't seen the trailer here you go!

Watch the action packed trailer to The Avengers: Age of Ultron!

But after the action packed film what of the know-in-love end credit scene? For those who have seen the movie already don't explain in the comments of what does happen, if you have i hope you ponder on this interpretation. This is me and my friend's version of the end credit scene.

Fade from black onto a close up of newspaper cuttings of The Avengers deeds as old news reports play on a nearby. but off screen TV, We see the Battle of New York,

Avengers Assemble!
Avengers Assemble!

The fall of Shield after Captain America: The Winter Soldier,

Tony Stark building the Avengers Tower,

Then the camera pans into an empty space on the wall and stops. Suddenly a hand slams a new article into the space, It tells of the Avengers' success in Age of Ultron. The hand pulls away. We see there is no pin as the cutting starts to peel from the wall, but then some webbing plasters it to the wall.

As soon as we see that, there's a call over a makeshift police scanner the boy has in his room. Cut to his face as it whips around at the news of another Avengers' incident, the heroes are facing off against another enemy.

We see our new Peter Parker clearly. Cut to mid shot. Peter Parker leaps off his bed, grabs something blue and red out of his chest of drawers and leaps through the window.

RIP Andrew Garfield
RIP Andrew Garfield

We hear the webbing sound and his whoops and cheers as he swings away unseen.

How did you like that?


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