ByMike Ryan Clark, writer at

I stare into the wind for hours, trying to remember her scent. Nothing comes and nothing goes, I sway in a gentle breeze. The wind goes through my hair like her fingers gently caressing my scar......Or are those fly legs? I cannot remember anymore. I have been hanging here for quite some time, is it flies buzzing or an approaching aircraft? I cannot tell, my eyes turned to gray mush long ago. My island oasis, the spot I proposed to her. Now, a skeletal figure with leather skin swings in the breeze in that secret place, a place only her and I knew. Will she one day grow sentimental, and pay a visit to my open tomb? What a surprise that would be. The man who almost fathered a child with you, now just jerky swinging in the breeze. could you? I see his face every time the sun goes down!!! You will never know this hell, although I do hope to see her face one last time......


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