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So I've been seeing all of the reactions towards the new release of the Joker picture, and my first thought was "wow, most of these were harsher than I was." Now I'll be one of the many to admit, I hated the look. In fact I agreed with many of the statements made against the picture. This is what went through my head.

At First I Worried...

Let's face it, when it comes to Live Action films... Marvel has it. I love both DC and Marvel (even though I own way more DC comics), but DC is getting their butts kicked by the MCU. What's worse? The fact that DC refuses to put a formula out. Instead, they want to force all they can into one movie, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (AKA Justice League Origins: World's Finest). Now I'm all for a Justice League movie...and the wait? IT'S KILLING ME. But I am more than happy to wait if it will produce a great film about one of the best superhero teams in history. Don't Spider-man 3 it... (RANT OVER).

Anyway, when I heard about Suicide Squad, I was pumped. Heath Ledger was a great joker, seriously phenomenal (May he rest in peace), but I was ready to see someone new try to tackle the role. And when I heard who the cast was, my only stipulation was, "Darn...I wish Kristen Bell had been Harley, but you know, Margot seems like a good second." I was excited! DC was FINALLY going to come out with a good movie that would tie into their cinematic universe and begin to catch up to Marvel! Then I heard that a picture of our new joker had been released! I rushed home to go online and check it out, but alas...

Vamp Joker
Vamp Joker

This...This was what I got... And I've got to say, some of the responses to it were quite funny. My favorites were the Jokalo title, the Hot Topic Joker comment, and of course...

Haha. I'm Batman.
Haha. I'm Batman.

But Then I Thought, "Maybe It's Just A Joke."

Joke? Joker? Could be... You never really know with David Ayer. He does like his experimental things... Thankfully things were cleared up pretty quickly.


So No Tattoos?
So No Tattoos?

Yes, it was all just a way to celebrate Joker's 75th anniversary (Hence all of the tattoos being fairly similar to illustrations from past joker stories like The Man Who Laughs &The Killing Joke). Phew... But then I thought about something else...


Yes, the horrifying grill that reminds just about everyone of Marilyn Manson from the 90's... Is that going to be in the film? Well unfortunately...It's very possible. While the tattoos were proven to not be in the film, no one has (yet) come out to say that Joker won't have the thug life... But then again, you never know. He could pull it off... Or better yet, it could be some cruel joke and the grill won't be in the final product either. But just in case...

He Went To Jared... I Mean... I Went To Photoshop.

I'm not great at it, but I tried to remove the hideous eye sores so we could get a better look at our new joker (see what's under the hood, if you catch my drift). So a few minutes in Photoshop, a little bit of brush paint and...

I tried my best on the grill...
I tried my best on the grill...

Now if you look close, you'll still see remnants of the tattoos (and the grill) and I even had to add a little bruising on Jared's chest to get rid of the trickier ones, but I only spent a few minutes in there. I just wanted us all to be able to get a better look at what our Joker just might look like when everything's all said and done.



Do You Think Jared Leto Will Be A Good Joker?


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