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This happen to me when I about 15 -16 years old. We had moved to a new house. My mother is the type of women that are very organized and clean. She organized the whole house in about 3 days. Plus! having the house completely clean. This happen about 2-3 months already living in the house.

I usually slept really late talking on the phone with friends. If not I would just watch T.v. The house had 4 bedrooms upstairs that belong to my siblings and myself. My parents room was downstairs and a guest room.

So this night I was up late waiting on a friend to go out. I heard some rattling down stairs. The first thing that came to my mind was which of my siblings was making so much noise. Ruining my plans to go out by waking up my parents. So I checked one by one the rooms hoping to find who was downstairs. All my siblings were sound asleep in their beds, not bothered by the noise.

Obviously knowing it wasn't any siblings, I figured it was my parents. I was bummed and called my friend to cancel the plans because my parents were up. I decided to go downstairs and find out who was up so late and what they were doing. So I went downstairs and following the noises. It came from the kitchen.

So as I turn to the kitchen I see my mother sitting on the floor with her back towards me and two cabinets door open. On the floor they were pots, pans and lids. It looked like she was rearranging them. At this point I was terrified. Why was she doing this so late? Why if she already had organized everything? Honestly I don't know how I got the courage to speak. I asked her what was she doing? She didn't answer but instead she just stood still not moving a muscle.

I wasn't moving either I wanted to leave but my body wouldn't move. I was terrified. So I asked her again why was she up doing this so late. She didn't answer, she didn't move. She just sat there not moving. Nothing. I felt cold, wierd. Like hallow all inside my body. As if I had no organs inside at all. I was scared out of my mind. I felt my legs and got controll of them. I turned around and not looking back I went directly to my room locked the door. Turned on the light.

I didn't sleep that night at all. In the morning. I asked my mother what was she doing up so late rearranging the pots and pans and why. She looked at my funny and said me? I was sleeping. I didn't do any of that. I asked everyone if they had heard any noices last night. They all answered No. I told my parents what happen they just laughed and brushed it out saying I was probably dreaming. That no one heard noices and she was sleeping the whole night.

I know I saw what I thought was my mother. I'm just glad I didn't stay long enough to find out what it really was. I didn't sleep for weeks in that house. I would spend the night at a friend as much as possible. After that I didn't hear nor saw anything. Till this day I'm still scared.


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