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Hans Paglinawan

I'm going to start my review by saying Easy A is one of the best of its genre. Hundreds of teen-comedy films have already been done and most of them have the same formula of drama, love and corny, adolescent jokes. This film particularly stands out because of it's no-nonsense character that is both relatable and lovable. She starts off as someone who we know as a girl who "Google Earth wouldn't find even if she was dressed up as 10-story building" and with an awesome personality. Once the story's main problem arrives, our protagonist, Olive Penderghast becomes infamous for her supposed promiscuity. News travel fast, and the whole school already knew that she was not a virgin anymore (which was false in this case).

By the time that started, we can see that the protagonist enjoys the spotlight given to her, as any teenager would like in high school. This is one of the many things that I enjoyed about the movie. The protagonist was an original character that you can rarely see in teen movies. It also adds to the humor of the movie for the teenage viewers.

Conflict arrives and the characters reacted as how teenagers will in this is situation. Best friends have a fight, protagonist endures from insults from the students and is given attention by her crush. If you won't watch the movie and simply read the plot, the movie will seem kind of dull or bleak by some. This is where Easy A's formula comes in.

Main problem with this film was a little acting mistakes here and there and some corny jokes but this is just a minor problem in their case.

The main "magic" of the film is its good selection of cast, its freely adapted story from "The Scarlet Letter" (which was also a running gag in the film), its unforgettable punch lines and the happy ending. Its something you won't expect from a teen film. It makes it something worth watching. I recommend this film for teens and young adults. Watch it in Netflix or rent a disk because it is surely worth your time.

The film is also filled with unforgettable scenes! Here are some of them.


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