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Jessica Harmon

New comic book movie American Rescue Squad has been scheduled for a May 19 DVD release.

The MVD release, seemingly a mock of current superhero films (but not exclusively; looks like Burgess Meredith's Penguin from the old Batman TV show gets a ribbing, too!), is the brainchild of Elliot Diviney.

After playing at festivals, the movie makes it's way to disc in May.

Official Synopsis : A group of mysterious villains known as "The Alliance" sets a trap for the Taxpayer. They imprison him, torture him, and make plans to publicly crucify him. Local janitor Richard Randolph rounds up retired Superheroes, and hatches a plan to rescue the Taxpayer. The villains stage a public rally, where many citizens come to watch the Taxpayer's crucifixion. The heroes invade the bad guy lair, and a large battle ensues. Various comedic and action-packed musical numbers are intertwined throughout the madness. In the midst of the big political debate and battle for mankind will the heroes save the day?


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