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I love the Harry Potter movies.
Natalie Michelle Wright

Many Harry Potter fans wish that Harry and Hermione could have been a couple instead of Harry being with Ginny and Hermione being with Ron. Here are the reasons why Harry and Hermione were meant to be shipped together.

1. She knows what he is thinking.

2. She knows more about him than he does.

3. She is sure that his kissing is more than satisfactory.

4. He thinks she is brilliant.

5. She never misses his Quidditch matches.

6. He remembered her when no body else did.

7. They rode on a hippogriff which is the symbol of love.

8. She would lie for him.

9. She knew that he would never put his name into the goblet of fire.

10. She always admired his courage.

11. He can force a smile on her face even during the darkest times.

12. He is her best friend.

13. He asked her to Slughorn's party.

14. She went with him to Godric's Hollow.

15. She conjured a wreath for his parent's grave.

16. They resemble his parents.

17. She's scared for him.

18. She is willing to break the rules for him.

19. He makes sure that she is alright.

20. He is her shield.

21. They finish each other sentences.

22. She tries to keep him out of trouble.

23. She saved him from Umbridge's curse.

24. They can communicate without words.

25. She warned him about Romilda Vane.

26. His hand always finds hers.

27. He wishes that she was there with him.

28. He needs her now more than ever.

29. He is her crying shoulder.

30. She saved his life countless times.

31. She constantly worries about his whereabouts.

32. She gives him a hug that nearly knocks him flat.

33. She is something worth living for.

34. He teases her.

35. He has great respect for her.

36. She thinks he has never been more fanciable.

37. She would sacrifice everything for him, even her own life.

38. She has his mother's qualities.

39. They defend each other.

40. He can't bear the thought of losing her.

41. His safety comes first.

42. They cling to each other in times of trouble.

43. She's the only one willing to deal with his random outbursts.

44. They link arms with each other.

45. She easily finds him even when he wants to be invisible.

46. She's amazed by his capabilities.

47. He thinks that she's better than him.

48. It was her idea for him to lead the DA.

49. She agrees with him even when she has doubts.

50. They confide in each other.

51. They move instinctively together.

52. She's always willing to help him.

53. He speaks highly of her.

54. She soothes him.

55. He assures her that everything will change.

56. They're loyal to each other.

57. She can't picture her life without him.

58. He's strong enough to let her go.

59. She read all about him before they met.

60. She knows that he'll be okay.

61. She suggests that they grow old together.

So, those are my reasons... but what do you think?


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