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If you think that the YouTube comments section is where everything pure and good goes to die, then these eight dark videos from the website's dark and twisted past might be a little too much for you.

I have rummaged through YouTube's deepest, most disturbing archives so you don't have to and here are some videos that I probably shouldn't have unearthed for your viewing displeasure. You're welcome!

8. Just Clowning Around

Year of release: Aug 30, 2011

Why it's so damned creepy: Because, clowns. Also that deranged Herbert the Pervert sounding voice warbling about dad's gun isn't going to be soothing anybody to sleep tonight.

Most horrifying moment: That moment when you realize there is a whole series of these unhinged badboys waiting to warble you a lullaby .

7. Off with Her Head...for Mercies Sake!

Year of release: Jun 6, 2007

Why it's so damned creepy: I challenge you to find a more bone-chilling piece of music to accompany this Ed Gein meets latex fetish monstrosity. Put it this way, I don't want to meet the target audience for this sales video.

Most horrifying moment: When the disembodied latex head is peeled off it's stand by black gloved hands. WHY?!

6. Leggy Blonds Gone Wild!

Year of release: Dec 13, 2008

Why it's so damned creepy: I hate to break it to you, but thats not an innocent pile of twigs...

Most horrifying moment: When the spider orgy cascades off the tree in a vile, writhing clump after being poked with a straw. I retched.

5. Unwanted Intruder

Year of release: Aug 4, 2008 (originally broadcast live on TV Nov 22, 1987)

Why it's so damned creepy: Imagine chilling on the couch watching Doctor Who on TV when this Max Headroom monstrosity bursts onto the screen unexpectedly. This is what happened to citizens of Chicago on November 22, 1987.

As if that wasn't eerie enough, the perpetrators of this bizarre broadcast interruption have never been identified, there is a great Reddit theory here if you're interested in learning more.

Most horrifying moment: When the bare buttocks and fly swatter come out to play.

4. Bananaharma

Year of release: Jan 2, 2009

Why it's so damned creepy: This man has accidentally conceived quite possibly the most terrifying mask possible out of fruit alone, and then proved he is totally insane by fetishistically exploding it out his own face. No. Just no.

Most horrifying moment: The cold dead, banana lusting eyes peering out in anticipation of the next climatic bang.

3. Satan For Kids

Year of release: Oct 25, 2011 (originally broadcast in 1985)

Why it's so damned creepy: It's just a kids TV show featuring an angel named Satan who takes the form of a disembodied venetian mask with a demonic modulated voice, nothing to see here...until of course "worthless, greedy" humanity is destroyed in a fit of thunder, earthquakes and rage.

Most horrifying moment: When satan morphs into a skull and chants "People are of no value, we can make some more, if we need them."

2. Bitter Creep Symphony

Year of release: Jan 4, 2009

Why it's so damned creepy: This video of Edward Muscare crooning and creeping along to 'Pretty Woman' is almost impossible to get through anyway, but when you learn he was once convicted for sexual battery it gets a whole lot worse.

Muscare is now no longer with us after dying in prison. He was rearrested for breaking the terms of his parole and uploading videos such as the one above to YouTube when he was forbidden from using a computer.

Most horrifying moment: Just pause it randomly, any of them will do.

1. Genocide School

Year of release: Jan 15, 2011

Why it's so damned creepy: This video was uploaded to YouTube by the Arizona shooting perpetrator, Jared Lee Loughner.

Although it has since been taken down from it's original YouTube location, it has been verified as genuine by reputable news sources such as The Wall Street Journal as the video that resulted in Loughner being expelled from his school.

Loughner later went on to shoot twenty people at a constituent meeting held in a supermarket parking lot in Casas Adobes, Arizona. He killed 6 people including a nine-year-old girl and a federal District Court Chief.

Most horrifying moment: The incoherent ramblings demonstrate just how disturbed the young mass killer was before his arrest, and show just how afraid the teachers and students who feared he might commit a school shooting must have been before he was expelled.

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