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Alright, so you've watched the Batman v Superman trailer, like, fifteen times, hit the forums hard, and have created some kind of wall sized evidence board, with all the lines and the pictures, in attempt to figure out why the Dark Knight has his hands on a sniper rifle. I know I have! The pondering at least, not the evidence board.

Will he be testing Superman's invulnerability to bullets? Wait, is the gun filled with kryptonite tipped rounds?! Is he luring Supes out by shooting at random innocents?!? WHAT, MAN? DAMMIT!

The questions are endless, as are the times that Batman has actually used a gun or some kind of explosive weapon to threaten, injure or inadvertently kill his enemies. And for a caped guy who has a, erm, fairly strict rule against the usage of guns, he's not afraid to turn cold steel against foolish crims.

But, regardless of that, let's have a look at a few of the best and strangest times Batman went all gun happy:

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

"The Bat" vs a truck

After evading multiple heatseeking rockets (of which two exploded upon buildings...), Batman and his sky-tank "The Bat" unleashed a hail of bullets on the cab of the truck carrying Talia al Ghul and that damn nuke, ending the driving goon's life of goonery. Remember that?!

Not to mention...

"The Batpod"

The incredibly weird yet incredibly incredible Batpod comes complete with a multitude of explosive weapons and guns, powerful enough to make a path through a bunch of parked cars (he must've killed people there..).

Though he never used the Batpod's weapons against a goon, Catwoman turned his fly mode of transportation into a Bane killing device, and, in the same breath, even had the cheek to mock his no guns rule!

Batman: Year Two (Comic - 1982)

The Bat-pistol

After being physically and... weaponly... bettered by The Reaper, for some reason instead of using his, once believed, immeasurable smarts to outwit his fellow vigilante, Bats decides "hmm, maybe I should get tooled up too!"

Batman, being Batman, then arms himself with a handgun found lying around in Wayne Manor, but not any ordinary handgun... it's the one that was used to murder his parents! He then goes on to build a short lived allegiance with crime syndicates in order to take down The Reaper!

The head criminals, being the criminal bastards they are, decide that Batman has to work with the man who murdered his parents - Joe Chill. That's a clever move actually. Anyways, The Reaper ends up killing Chill, him and Batman beat each other up and eventually, The Reaper falls to his death. Then! Then, Batman places the handgun in the cornerstone of the Wayne Foundation building! Madness!

Batman (1989)

The Batwing

Seriously, man, the Dark Knight has quite the kill count in this film! When Bats takes on the Joker in the Batplane, he unleashes all amounts of hell by firing his, friggin', Bat-gattling gun and some casual Bat-rockets, dispatching Joker's goons to the underworld, literally - with the devil (in the pale moonlight) and inexplicably missing the Clown Prince of Crime. 'Cause, tense cinematic climax.

The Batmobile

Then, right at the beginning of the movie, amidst the destruction of the Axis Chemical Plant, the Batmobile, tooled up to the nines with machine guns and bombs, tears through the plant, dropping said bombs and tearing the whole place down. Goons included. He don't f*ck about.

Batman Beyond (1999 - 2001)

Future Batman, Same Old Handguns

In the pilot episode of the brilliant series, set in 2019, an aged Bruce Wayne in a high tech Bat-suit, pursues some goons to a warehouse where they have a heiress held hostage. Old Man Dark Knight then proceeds in kicking fifty shades of justice out of them, but suffers a mild heart attack before finishing off boss goon and freeing the heiress.

The goon sets upon Bats with a wrench, and the only way Batman can stop his attacks is by breaking his one rule and threatening the goon with a pistol.

Final Crisis (Comic - 2008)

Okay, in Batman's defence, he didn't actually take up arms against a human, but against a villain of Darkseid's calibre - extreme cases, extreme measures.

Coming up to the climax of Final Crisis, Batman confronts the God with a gun, and intends to shoot it with a bullet forged from Radion - a mysterious substance that can kill New Gods. Batman unleashes the round before being killed by Darkseid, shooting it in the shoulder and leaving the bastard to die slow. Thus, not breaking his one rule, 'cause he just wounded him! Get it?!

Ooooh, you clever sod!
Ooooh, you clever sod!

There were a few examples of interesting, mental and "yeah that's kinda fair enough" reasons for The Caped Crusader to get strapped and carry gats.

What maketh you of this?

If I've missed any choice ones out, get talking below...

Until then, here's another look at BvS' trailer, because it's awesome:


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