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The Imperials in Star Wars Rebels are Crap they are portrayed as incompetent fools they cant even perform guard duty.

Stormtrooper aim is even worse than it was in the OT which makes them look like cannon fodder they present no real threat.

And how about those military tactics? I mean if they really wanted to catch these Rebels would they not put out a warrant for them or maybe like a big fat bounty on their heads. Tell you what if i was in charge there i would plaster there faces on wanted posters everywhere and try to discredit them by calling them Terrorists, i mean after all they have been destroying Imperial property and putting Imperial citizens in danger as well as smuggling Arms and stealing Arms from the Empire. I would also start a planet wide search for them and i would blockade the planet and then monitor all air traffic on the planet i would also seal off cities and issue a curfew for all citizens (but then again there only seems to only be one major City on the whole damn planet).

After a while you'd think these Imperials would figure out that these Rebels are only operating in the Lothal system so you'd think they would start to search the entire system for them, or at least search for their base of operations. And another thing why don't they exert more effort and resources into capturing these people? i mean after all they have a Surviving Jedi and his Padawan at least that's what they believe them to be (a Jedi and a Padawan) They have an entire military branch dedicated to the capture of Jedi. These people have been able to escape from an Imperial Inquisitor, A Special Agent, A top military officer who is responsible for the entire Outer Rim territories, soon they will be escaping Darth Vader and two new Inquisitors. WHERE DOES THIS LUNACY END I ASK YOU?

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