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We are incredibly excited to announce that Moviepilot has gone mobile!

With almost 80% of our traffic coming from mobile devices, we figured it was time to give our Creators the tools to publish an article on the go.

So whether you're waiting for the bus, sipping a margarita on an island resort, or pretending to listen in math class - now you can share your fan-centric movie, TV and gaming news and entertainment without being tied to your computer.

It's quite simple, really! All you need is access to an iOS8 or Android device and to be logged in to your account on

If you have a dictaphone app - you can actually just talk your article out and let your phone do the typing for you! Oh, technology, how we love thee. Jon Negroni and John Carter have already tried this out, to great effect.

But now, I'm using my phone and a dictation app to say to you (literally say to you) that journalists are no longer the authority when it comes to addressing topics people really, actually care about.

Fans have sort of taken over when it comes to capturing the world's attention.

-Jon Negroni

You can go back into your post at any time on desktop to add additional formatting features, videos or tags.

In the meantime, get posting and let us know if you encounter any weirdness by emailing [email protected]


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