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Ever since we found out that our favorite family sitcom Full House is getting a reboot with a new series titled Fuller House it seems like the Tanner family news just won't stop, and the latest announcement is that Full House will be the subject of a TV movie for Lifetime.

Lifetime is renowned for their many made-for-television-films and is currently developing their latest film under the working title of the Unauthorized Full House Story. However, the decision to make a behind-the-scenes film about the much beloved '80s and '90s TV show seems a little odd to some, especially given the reception of Lifetime's last attempt to show us the dark side of a '90s TV show.

The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story was released in 2014 by Lifetime, and was based on the 2009 book Behind the Bell written by Dustin Diamond (who played Screech in the show). While Diamond's book described the actors on the show engaging in wild sexcapades with each other, by comparison, the TV movie was rather dull, uninteresting and ultimately poorly received.

So that begs the question: If Lifetime somehow made a movie about the behind-the-scenes activity of a TV show involving a bunch of hormonal teenagers into a boring waste of time, what exactly do they think they can get out of a squeaky clean family sitcom? Not to mention that the Saved by the Bell Lifetime movie was based on a scandalous book, whereas none of the Full House cast have released a tell-all based on their time on the show (Bob Saget and Jodie Sweetin have both released books but neither focused solely on their time on Full House).

If that wasn't enough to convince you that the Unauthorized Full House Story sounds like it might just be a desperate attempt by Lifetime to cash in on the Full House resurgence, then check out this tweet from John Stamos a.k.a. Uncle Jesse:

That's right, even Uncle Jesse, probably the loosest member of the Full House clan has wished Lifetime good luck on its endeavor.

While members of the cast have certainly had their scandals and issues, most notably Jodie Sweetin's drug addiction and Mary-Kate Olsen's eating disorder, these happened after the show finished, and were also dealt with in a very open manner by both stars. In fact, the Full House cast probably has one of the best relationships of the cast of any TV show, with most of them posting photos to social media of them still hanging out together 20 years after the show wrapped!

Whatever Lifetime hopes to attempt with this TV movie of Full House, I'll be eager to know, heck maybe I'll even watch out of curiosity, but I'm not entirely sure that they'll find this latest move all that popular with the show's very loyal fans.

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