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Seemingly unable to catch a break from controversy, American actor Jeremy Jackson was taken into police custody on Saturday, having allegedly stabbed another man with a knife before fleeing the scene.

You may well recognize Jackson, best known for his role on the hit TV show Baywatch, the young lad having played David Hasselhoff's character's son, Hobie Buchannon. Check out the effortlessly good looking, beach-bronzed duo in their prime!

Cut from the Same Hoff

After beating out Leonardo DiCaprio for the role, Jackson quickly made a name for himself on the show, sticking around for 8 whole, UV intense seasons.

If you're in need of a memory jog, watch the child star flexing his powers of surfer seduction in this ultra-cheesy clip below. Don't you just love the early nineties?

It's hard to fathom how such a sweet young boy could ever hurt anyone, and it makes you wonder: How did this promising, charismatic actor fall so far from grace?

A 'Clown-Faced' Gunman

Jackson's latest escapade began last Friday, when Jackson reportedly rented a property through the online service Airbnb, throwing a lavish party, during which he claims to have been robbed of $2,300.

In response, the actor enlisted the help of a "gang member with a clown tattoo on his face" to retrieve the stolen cash. Allegiances with criminal clowns, however, are notoriously unreliable, as Jackson found out when the "gang member" allegedly pulled a gun on him.

Jackson’s lawyer said:

"Someone pulled a gun on him and he defended himself with a knife."

The "clown-faced" victim later told officers that "Hobie stabbed me," referring to Jackson's Baywatch character's name.

On Saturday the actor returned to the rental apartment, breaking and entering to collect his Gucci sunglasses and other items he had left behind. This was when police found and detained Jackson, charging him of assault with a deadly weapon. He was released that afternoon on $30,000 bail.

This incident is far from Jackson's first offense, but simply the latest addition to a storied history of violence...

A Checkered Past

According to Jackson, his problems began with his success, struggling with fame from a young age and becoming enveloped in scandal after scandal, the latest of which has now landed him in a cell.

The actor admitted during an interview on E! that he wrestled with a severe drug addiction while working on the show, spending some $200,000 on a variety of pills and injections. However, he now claims to have remained clean and sober since 2000.

Attempted Murder

Jackson and Willison
Jackson and Willison

Jackson didn't escape trouble for long, however. Earlier this year the MailOnline uncovered disturbing audio evidence documenting the troubled star's attempt to murder his (now) ex-wife, Loni Willison.

During the recording, Loni, a 31-year-old fitness model and longtime girlfriend of Jackson's, can be heard screaming in horror as her boyfriend pounces on her in bed where he proceeded to strangle and beat her, leaving the helpless Loni with two broken ribs.

The police report read:

Susp. argued with vict (spous & cohab), susp used both hands to strangle vict and covered vict's nose and mouth with his left hand, preventing victim from breathing.

Despite having overwhelming evidence of her attacker's guilt, Loni decided not to press charges; a decision she has since said she regrets.

Televised Groping

Unfortunately, Jackson's abusive behavior did not cease there. Like a moth perpetually drawn to the flame of controversy, the 34-year-old was kicked out of the British reality TV show Big Brother in January after forcibly exposing the naked breast of fellow contestant Chloe Goodman.

After being booted off the show, he was issued a police caution for common assault and returned to the US where, as we now know, even more trouble awaited him.

Though your average Hollywood delinquent's juvenile itch would likely be scratched by a history of substance abuse and an episode of domestic violence, Jackson's thirst for criminal activity seemingly knows no bounds.

It's hard to tell where the former Los Angeles lifeguard will go from here. I'd like to think this'll be the end of Jackson's scandalous behavior, but he's surprised us before. If only he could slow-motion run backwards through time...

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