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Churches throughout Europe and the rest of the world often claim to have acquired some holy or blessed relic - perhaps a nail from the cross, a bone of a saint or maybe even a vial of Jesus' blood. Warren's Occult Museum, located in Monroe, Connecticut, is basically the home of the complete opposite of that.

The Warrens, perhaps the world's most famous paranormal investigative duo, have curated the museum since the early 1950s, slowly filling it with artefacts, relics and objects they have uncovered from their investigations with the New England Society for Psychic Research (NESPR). All of these objects, they claim, have some kind of paranormal, occult or satanic connection, with some even being held responsible for death and injury.

Annabelle The Doll

A rather benign looking Raggedy Ann doll is perhaps the star attraction of the museum. In fact, it has become so well known, it's the inspiration for the 2014 horror movie, Annabelle. You can watch the trailer for that below.

Annabelle is now locked in a glass cage adorned with warning signs, with the Warrens claiming the doll is possessed by some kind of demonic entity.

The story goes that Annabelle was owned by a medical student, Donna, who loved it intensely. Soon, Donna and her college roommate noticed the doll moving on her own. Intrigued, they called a medium to their apartment to perform a seance with the doll present. The medium revealed the doll was possessed by the spirit of a girl named Annabelle Higgins, a seven-year-old that was once found dead on the property that the house was built on.

If this isn't creepy enough, a friend of Donna's, Lou, claims he was physically attacked by the doll on two occasions. One night he awoke to find her climbing up his leg and attempting to strangle him. On another night (why he ever stayed in the apartment again after the first incident is a mystery), he was slashed across the chest seven times - causing significant pain and bleeding.

The Warrens disagreed with the theory of the medium, instead concluding Annabelle was in fact being manipulated by a demon.

However, Annabelle continued to cause suffering even after arriving at the museum. Apparently, a young man who mocked Annabelle during a tour later died on the motorcycle ride home. His girlfriend, who rode with him but survived, claimed he was laughing about Annabelle at the time of the crash. All of this is, of course, uncorroborated by anything other than the testimony of the Warrens.

Other Exhibits and Items

However, Annabelle is just one of a veritable smorgasbord of paranormal artefacts. Included in the museum are:

  • Satanic books
  • Demon masks
  • Possessed toys
  • Death curses
  • Items from Egypt and Africa that are reportedly cursed
  • Shrunken heads
  • Voodoo dolls
  • Psychic photographs
  • A haunted organ that plays by itself
  • A mirror that summons spirits
  • A shadow doll that reportedly appears in dreams and can stop someone's heart
  • A 'satanic idol' someone found in the Connecticut woods (below)

Unfortunately, the Warren Occult Museum isn't open for tours everyday, however they can be booked during special Warrenology events. Head over to the website to find out more.


Do you really believe this museum is full of cursed objects?

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