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Now, with all the excitement surrounding the (incredibly) imminent release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, it'd be easy to forget that we're actually not too far away from seeing its sequel, Avengers: Infinity War, arrive on our screens.

Set for release in two parts, our first taste of Infinity War action will hit the big screen on May 4, 2018, with the second helping coming May 3 the following year.

Which means we're actually only three years away from seeing another Avengers movie - and then'll only be one more away from seeing another.

For the cast, though, that kind of scheduling means that they're about to enter into a whole lot of Marvel movie shooting in the next year or two. In fact:

Avengers: Infinity War Is Going to Film for a LONG Time

Specifically, according to Chris Evans - Captain America himself - the movie is going to take a really, really long time to film:

"[It's] going to be like nine months to shoot both movies back to back."

Which, seeing as he's also set to spend most of the time between now and this coming September filming Captain America: Civil War, suggests Evans isn't going to get a whole lot of time away from his shield any time soon.

The reason?

We Also Know When Infinity War Is Set to Start Filming

Evans, y'see, also suggested that full-blown production will likely start on Infinity War come Fall/Winter 2016 - which suggests that, between filming Civil War, promoting Civil War, and then filming Infinity War, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. and the rest of the Marvel gang aren't going to get a whole lot of time off this side of 2018... And that's without even mentioning re-shoots...

Evans, though, seems to be taking it in his stride, revealing that:

"You know, you plan around the Marvel responsibilities."

The important thing for all of us, though?

This Is All Ridiculously Fantastic News

Y'see, not only does it reinforce the fact that we're going to see a steady stream of Marvel awesomeness all the way through to 2019 (and, most likely, far beyond that), it also suggests that - with a nine month shooting schedule - we really are set to see a whole lot of heroes in Avengers: Infinity War.

So, on top of two to three Netflix series' a year, (likely) two or three Network TV shows, a bunch of animated movies and series, a fair few video games, Lego sets, action figures and assorted collectibles, at least three movies a year from 2017 on and the giant pile of awesomeness that is Marvel's comic-book core - we're also almost certainly set to see pretty much every Marvel hero we've had revealed up to that point in one gigantic movie.

Alright then, Infinity War - hurry up already. I officially can't wait...

What do you think, though?

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