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For little kids and adults alike, Disney princesses are often held up as the epitome of kindness, beauty, grace and courage. Indeed, these stunning ladies teach us some of the most important morals and life lessons - I'm sure I don't just speak for myself when I say their wonderful stories have greatly shaped my childhood.

From Snow White, Aurora, Belle, and Ariel to Elsa and Rapunzel, these leading girls are undoubtedly characters to look up to and admire. And admittedly I have wished many times that I could be and look just like them.

However, is this realistic? Can I achieve having those doe-eye'd, wispy gazes, those perfect pouty lips, that tiny waist and even tinier arm wrists?

Can a real woman achieve the 'perfect' bodily proportions of a Disney princess?

The lovely people at Buzzfeed have been contemplating this very question, concluding that when you take a closer look at our favorite heroines, you find some pretty distorted proportions.

Loryn Brantz for BuzzFeed / Disney
Loryn Brantz for BuzzFeed / Disney

In order to see how they would fare as Disney's beauties (with their crazy exaggerated body parts!), the ladies at Buzzfeed decided to photoshop themselves into "Disney Princess bodies."

Let's take a look at what happened and what they had to say about the outcome:


Alison received a slimmer waist and shoulders, longer and slimmer arms, a longer neck, larger breasts, a slimmed down face, a pointy chin, larger eyes and a smaller nose.

Alongside the original photos, this is what she had to say about the results:

"This is nightmare fuel! I actually didn’t hate the original photo, but now seeing it juxtaposed with this cartoon stick figure, I feel terrible about it AND myself! [...] The proportions are so twisted. But when it’s next to the original photo of me, it kind of looks normal and makes the actual version of me look ENORMOUS."


To achieve the look, Kristin's hips were slimmed down, as were her shoulders and waist. She got a narrower chest, slimmer and shorter arms, a slimmer neck and face, more prominent cheekbones, a smaller nose and bigger lips and eyes.

Her reaction was just as dumb-struck as Alison's:

“Oh NOOOOO, I look like a human lollipop. Or a corn holder attached to a very beautiful ear of corn. I didn’t realize this until I looked at my photoshopped self, but yeah, Belle does kind of look like she just had two bites taken out of her middle (even though it does look like she is wearing false hips with that dress). Regardless, 9-year-old me is really sad about this — Belle is a queen and deserves a realistic body that can support her awesome head."


Kirsten got a breast enhancement, a narrower chest and shoulders, a slimmer waist and arms, a longer and slimmer neck, bigger eyes and a little button nose.

What did she have to say about it?

“GOOD LAWD. I look like a Bratz doll gone wrong. It’s so weird seeing my wrists, arms, and waist that size. The first picture isn’t the MOST flattering, but damn, I didn’t expect to lose my stomach entirely. I mean, look at that waist! There’s no room for pizza in there. There’s no room for In-N-Out. There’s not even room for a tiny piece of broccoli. Maybe Disney princesses’ eyes are so big because someone squeezed their stomach so hard their eyes are ready to pop. My body literally looks like an hourglass in the most terrifying way possible.”


Lara's cheekbones became more prominent, her nose smaller and her eyes bigger. She also received narrower shoulders, chest and waist, as well as shorter arms, narrower hips and legs.

Apart from complaining that the costume she wore was a really bad representation of Ariel's, this is what Lara had to say about her transformation:

"Seeing the altered version of myself just made me laugh. Honestly, what even is that thing? It’s not a human or a cartoon, it’s like Gollum from Lord of the Rings if Gollum tried to go as the little mermaid for halloween. It’s certainly not me. Where are my hips!??!! My waist?! The marks on my stomach when I sit for too long and my skin overlaps?”

Perhaps as a human, Ariel had to suddenly deal with all of these very real issues? Remind yourself if she does in the following clip:

Snow White

Candace got a narrower chest and shoulders, a slimmer waist and hips, shorter arms, a slimmer face and nose, and finally, bigger eyes.

Needless to say, Candace was shocked:

“HO. LY. SHIT. When I first saw this, I almost fell out of my chair. It’s bizarre! My little arms look like spaghetti, but I still got dat ass. It’s like my face was put through a morphing filter on Photo Booth. It’s really strange seeing these side by side because the longer I look at them, the fatter and worse the real me looks, and the more normal the one on the right looks. I feel like the princess me got squeezed by King Kong and just pooped out all her internal organs, and held in a sneeze too long for the sake of the selfie. And I fear that my back would snap by the weight of what looks like nice DDD breasts.”


Unsurprisingly, Sheridan also thought her Princess-self was crazy:

“You know what’s crazy to me? That my body looks like that of a Disney princess. On Jasmine or Aurora, I wouldn’t bat an eye, but it’s just because it’s me that I can finally tell how bleepin’ crazy this looks. My waist looks like it’s going to snap with the weight of my head. AND DON’T EVEN START ON THE EYES. I look like a princess of the bug monsters. I can’t even with you right now, Disney.”

So, it seems the ladies weren't too impressed with Disney's ridiculous princess standards, which is totally fair enough.

And although we all know that Disney princesses are fun animations and that they were made to be regarded as such, it is still kind of hilarious to see how a real woman would fare if she were juxtaposed into their measurements.

Good work, Buzzfeed! That's certainly got me thinking!



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