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If you've ever drunk ordered your friend's child a coloring book on Amazon and never heard from the family again, this images below are probably a representation of the depravity you bought into that sweet little poppets life.

Because we now apparently live in a world where coloring isn't just for innocent infants, we must all be vigilant to ensure the following filth doesn't make the future generation as messed up as we are.

Below is the sort of material you should look out for that indicates a coloring book definitely isn't for suitable kids...

Abandon All Hope

To be fair, I was pretty convinced I wanted to grow up to be a German Shepherd, so maybe I got off lightly.

They Missed 'Caught On Pornhub Pink!'

If you accidentally give this book to a child, the last crayon is for you.

Crayolas of Meth

I'm only going to need yellow, brown and algae green for this one.

Drug Addled Dreaming

I would answer the questions above, but I fear it would be too revealing...

Inner Pain in Underwear

Not to project from personal experience, but the woman is totally thinking about the time her boyfriend puked on the bed while hyperventilating about having to bludgeon a rat to death with his shoe.

Swimming Into Retirement

Don't worry kids, Dave is going to transform into a dolphin and merrily jump through hoops like the one in this picture with all his friends. Wheyyyyyy!

Lucy in the Sky with Penis

It's a sombrero, right?

Awfulbet Soup

Trust me, IKEA won't be wearing such a smug face when I'm done with that sadistic bastard.

Statutory States

If you can't trust a decent man like Uncle Merv, who can you trust?


Is it just me, or would a website like THIS be the most disturbing of all?


OMGZ! Does this mean we sent Hitler to the moon with AIDs as punishment for his actions?! I really should have paid more attention in history class...

(Source: Coloring For Grown-Ups and Ebaums World)


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