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Jack Nicholson is arguably the most die hard Los Angeles Lakers fan that there is out there. For that reason, he has a lot to be sad about, given the atrocious season that the team had this year. But what could there be in this world that could potentially bum him out even more? I think we may have found something...

Take a look at this video of Nicholson getting his first look at the newest tatted up Joker, played by Jared Leto. Keep in mind, Nicholson was the original Joker and was truly iconic in the role back in his day.

(The video was done by Youtube user tonymcee)

The original scene came from 'About Schmidt'

Some high quality photoshopping went into this

I'm not exactly sure why he took off his glasses after opening the letter... seems like he'd need those to see what was inside

And what exactly was inside? He couldn't have been prepared for this...

I have a feeling all of those hours on set perfecting HIS Joker were flashing before his eyes... is this what has become of the Batman villain he worked so hard to perfect?

He probably made this same face after finding out Kobe Bryant was out for the season

We get another close-up photo of the new Joker in case you forgot

Nicholson can hardly hold it in... this is too much. How? Why?

Somehow, he's going to have to make peace with this situation... I think that process begins now... right at this very moment... with this facial expression

Life will go on Jack, I promise you that


(Via: YouTube)


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