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This is my first post so please try not to show hatred in the comments but if you have any good points, please say, I may learn something.

With only a few days left for the most awaited movie of the year, rumours have been floating around the internet since the announcement of the movie till the release.

The latest spoiler that was released this week was...... Ready?

Hawkeye is married and has kids and they are in the movie (Avengers: AoU).That's right people! One of our favourite avenger is married, big spoiler for those who didn't know.

That was the recent spoiler but the oldest rumour was that one of the avenger is going to die in the movie.
now the internet has been making some wild guesses as to Hawkeye might die or Blackwidow might die or maybe one of the twins die, but the truth is this is the avenger that is going to die and it is no rumour it's true.... Ready for the spoiler?

WARNING: Do not read it if you don't want to spoil the fun....

Quicksilver!That's right our newest avenger is going to die in the movie!


That was my reaction too but it's true people, now I know many of you are going to be like isn't he suppose to be in Captain America: Civil War?The truth is we don't know for sure and if he is going to be in Civil War it'll be pretty interesting to see as to how Marvel plans on getting him back to life.


What do you guys think? Is the fallen Avenger going to return for Captain America: Civil War?


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