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The penultimate episode of Gotham's first season is filled with some great momentum for season finale. We finish up the decent multiple episode storyline for The Ogre, we finally get the beginnings of the gang war that Penguin has been threatening to start all season - plus, hey there Lucius Fox!

The Ogre & The Barbara

Things pick up after the episode starts off in that typically frustrating way Gotham has been known to do. After Barbara Kean was seduced by The Ogre and shown the guy's killing room, The Anvil and the Hammer starts off the following morning with Barbara seemingly having no clue what this guy is all about. I get that she's not the sharpest tool in the shed but c'mon. Well, she learns quickly enough once The Ogre simply tells and shows her everything.

Barbara Kean negotiates with The Ogre.
Barbara Kean negotiates with The Ogre.

Luckily for her, The Ogre is in love with her and sees something in her that the previous 20 episodes of Gotham have failed to show the audience - but so be it. Threatened with either death or telling The Ogre who to kill next, Barbara leads the serial killer to her parents.

The whole time Gordon and Harvey are one step behind Barbara and The Ogre. The episode actually features the best work Ben McKenzie has done in his performance as Jim Gordon. Following a lead to a brothel that The Ogre is known to frequent, Gordon is forced to ask The Penguin for another favor. It's a move that makes very little sense in the long run - but the scene between Gordon and Penguin features more menace and energy coming from Gordon than we've seen all season.

The Gordon & The Penguin

Penguin supplies Gordon and Harvey with an invite to the exclusive club and Harvey dresses up and gets to witness all kinds of weird S&M and Furry goings-on before he pulls out his badge. Why they needed to go through all the trouble of getting an invite just to have Harvey take a few steps in and yell Police! is beyond me - but I'm sure that big favor Gordon owes Penguin now will come into play next episode.

Gordon & Harvey on the trail of The Ogre.
Gordon & Harvey on the trail of The Ogre.

From a witness at the club the dynamic police duo are able to find The Ogre's lair and receive a call from the killer himself. Another very convenient plot point, as the call leads them to figure out that The Ogre and Barbara are headed to her parent's place. Of course they get there too late to save the parents, but they're just in time for a brief but intense fight between Gordon and The Ogre results in a bullet to The Ogre's brain. Let's hope the next time we see Barbara she's working through this whole ordeal with a good therapist that isn't named Hugo Strange.

The Lil Wayne & The Lucius Fox

In between all this we finally get to meet the young Lucius Fox as lil' Bruce Wayne tries his best to sneak into Sid Bunderslaw's office and find out what he's up to. But no such luck - next time think of something better than pulling the fire alarm, Bruce. But it does lead to him finding an ally in the office with Fox - who reassures him that his dad was an upstanding guy and not the corrupt businessman that Bunderslaw is trying to convince Bruce he was.

Bruce Wayne meets Lucius Fox.
Bruce Wayne meets Lucius Fox.

Oh, and what about The Riddler? The last episode ended on a powerful note as Edward Nigma stabbed Officer Dougherty to death in the name of honor for Miss Kringle. Well, he chopped the dude up into pieces and dissolved him with acid too... So I guess you can say his downward spiral continues. And am I the only one who thinks that he totally missed out on a great chance to get a drink with Miss Kringle? Does this creep ever learn?

The Riddler & The Penguin

Meanwhile, the Penguin is busy plotting the demise of Maroni by setting up some guns and shooters at that bar he secured. But in a very nicely revealed twist, it turns out he just wanted to start a war between Maroni and Falcone - by having the shooter say he was working for Falcone before his gun proves to be a dud. I was happy to see the Penguin back in action even though Gotham is still refusing to let him set foot outside his nightclub.

The episode ends with the gang war firing its first shots as Maroni takes down some of Falcone's thugs. And it was nice to see Falcone back on screen. It's been far too long and The Wire's John Doman has the ability to instantly add some respectability to Gotham every time his face appears on screen. But sadly, still no sign of Fish Mooney after she was shot on her way off Dollmaker's island. Guess she's recuperating just fine?

What did you think, Gothamites? Only one episode left for the first season! How did this episode rate for you? Take to the comments section and let us know!


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