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Fans of The Walking Dead have been seriously excited over the last two weeks, and it has little to do with the fact that the TV show will start filming on Season 6 in the coming weeks. What it is regarding however, is the brand new first-look deal that Universal Pictures recently signed with Robert Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment.

All of Kirkman's comic book creations, including The Walking Dead are under the Skybound label that was involved in the deal and given the huge popularity of the show it's no wonder that fans are now questioning the possibility of a Walking Dead movie!

Robert Kirkman and Andrew Lincoln
Robert Kirkman and Andrew Lincoln

While sources say that there are no discussion for such a project at the moment, it hasn't stopped us dreaming, and In a recent interview by Enquirer with Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) the idea of a Walking Dead movie was brought up. You might be interested to read his response:

That would be amazing. It’s something we’ve been talking about and dreamt of because it would be cool to see some snow. We were all going, just not to have to film in Atlanta where it gets to 100 degrees!
What would be amazing is that you can play with form, time and chronology and maybe also rediscover characters who are no longer in the show. Certainly, with that format, you can do something very interesting and ambitious.

Damn, stop exciting us for the this movie that doesn't even exist yet, Andrew Lincoln! How amazing would it be to see a 150 minute long Walking Dead movie (or movies) involving old characters, different seasons and all new types of chaos - so good, right?!

Unfortunately for the time being a movie version of the TV show seems uncertain, though at least we can console ourselves with the fact that Season 6 will premier in October, and Fear the Walking Dead will premier sometime over the summer season.

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