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These evil men committed despicable and unforgivable acts... But imagine being married to one of the them and being totally oblivious!

1. Cathy Wilson

Married To: Peter Tobin

Husband's Victims: Tobin murdered and sexually assaulted three young women. He has been branded a psychopath by senior psychologist and professor of criminology David Wilson, and his depraved cruelty seems to back this up.

One of his victims was repeatedly stabbed and left to die under the floorboards of a church by the violent and sadistic monster.

The Clues She Missed: While she was married to Tobin, Cathy Wilson was subjected to extreme violence, but she believed the only person her vile husband was capable of killing was herself.

Tobin banned her from the basement of the house, but Cathy never suspected that the foul smell emanating from the forbidden area was her husband disposing of his victims bodies.

2. Fayina Chikatilo

Married To: Andrei Chikatilo

Husband's Victims: Nicknamed the Butcher of Rostov or the Red Ripper, Andrei Chikatilo sexually assaulted, murdered and mutilated at least 52 women and children.

This depraved serial killer claimed that the cries, the blood and the agony of his victims gave him "relaxation and a certain pleasure" and he was known for eviscerating his prey and chewing on their genitalia.

The Clues She Missed: Fayina Chikatilo was clearly in denial of the heinous acts her husband committed and almost certainly absolutely terrified of him.

After the police arrest Andrei and presented Fayina with the stacks evidence against her husband, she started to remember some tell-tale signs she 'overlooked' including long business trips, nights away from home, repeated blood stains on his clothes and the pesky matter of him getting fired from his teaching job for molesting children...

3. Judith Mawson

Married To: Gary Ridgeway

Husband's Victims: Known as the Green River Serial Killer, Gary Ridgeway was convicted of killing 49 people, but he later confessed to murdering nearly double that number.

Ridgeway's victims were typically prostitutes who he often strangled with a ligature after showing them pictures of his son to make them trust him.

The Clues She Missed: Ridgeway was such a perfect husband to Mawson that she only believed her spouse was one of America's most prolific murderers when he confessed himself.

Mawson and Ridgeway were affectionate to each other and had a normal married life together including mundane activities such as attending yard sales and going camping together. Ridgeway always had a work-related excuse for the nights when he stayed out late or didn't return home at all.

The only clue Judith missed was when she visited Gary's house when they were dating and found there was no carpet and he had a mattress on the bare floor. Ridgeway claimed that tenants destroyed the carpet and an ex-girlfriend took the bed, but it later turned out he has disposed of the items due to excessive blood staining.

4. Linda Yates

Married To: Robert Yates

Husband's Victims: Yates murdered at least 13 prostitutes with gunshots to the head.

The Clues She Missed: For 26 years Linda Yates was married to Robert Yates, a serial killer from Spokane, Washington who killed at least 16 people. During that time she admits he often did some peculiar and shady things, and while she suspected him of infidelity, apparently she never fathomed he was a murderer—even after finding a blood-soaked seat in the back of their family van.

Source: Murderpedia


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