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Were all about to discover how the Insidious tale began, and by the look of these 3 new TV spots, it's going to be the furthest thing from a romantic comedy as you're ever going to get!

A teenage girl, stricken with grief after her mother dies attempts to contact her from beyond the grave. But instead she makes contact with a foreboding supernatural creature, who then wants to kill her.

Psychic Elsie Rainer, played by Lin Shaye, tries to use her ability of communicating with the dead to try to banish the murderous demon.

The new TV spots, all with their own titles, are below, and they're all 'jump out your seat' in places! So be warned!




This new promotional poster for the movie has been released ahead of the movies premiere.

Directed by Leigh Whannell it is released on June 5th.


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