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With Zayn's tragic departure from One Direction last month, it seemed that the whole world seemed to collapse in despair with news of the colossal loss.

However, do not fret because since watching a certain actor appear on The Ellen Degeneres Show on April 27, it seems that a perfect replacement may be on the cards.

It's Jake Gyllenhaal!

Oh yes, you heard that right. The Nightcrawler actor came onto the show and revealed that he was in a boy band when he was younger! Naturally Ellen managed to get her hands on a copy of the band's photo, only to make the actor turn red with embarrassment at his old, mini-rocker days.

Talking of Jake's new gig in Little House of Horrors, Ellen said:

“I haven’t seen you sing before and then I found out you were in a band when you were younger.”

To which he replied:

“I was in a really, really bad band when I was in high school [...] The name of the band was Whole Shot.”

When Ellen showed the whole picture to the audience, he continued:

"We wrote our own music….I was just a lyricist.”

Check out the video clip below:

Well, Jake's got a rockin' bod, the personality and clearly the vocal chords. Perhaps he should reconsider reliving his boy band days? Sorry, Zayn Malik who?



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