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Killer instinct reveal their latest gameplay trailer showcasing the fiery temperament of the ever burning character Cinder. Killer Instinct are also teasing an unknown, brand new combatant here that will enter the fray.

The year of the fighter is upon us. Mortal Kombat X has dominated the internet for the past few months, now it seems that Killer Instinct want to play.

Today, developer Iron Galaxy, have released this latest gameplay trailer of Cinder and soon to appear combatant Aria. The trailer is humorously narrated by Cinder himself, watch as he slaps, throws and smashes his way through the commentary.

Cinder will become available as a playable character come April 30th as part of the Season 2 Ultra Edition, it will also release via the Season 2 Combo Breaker expansion on May 6. Killer Instinct is exclusive to XBOX One.

Mystery character

Killer instinct - Aria
Killer instinct - Aria

The mysterious character at the end of the video is known as Aria, Aria is a mysterious being with very little information available that surrounds her origins. She is believed to be a part of Ultratech. (She was first revealed in Killer Instinct 2013's Arcade mode's secret ending)

"Oh no. Not. Just. Yet." - Aria

In her debut to Killer Instinct, Aria is shown as a vague, female-resembling figure with no hair, no mouth and piercing white eyes. She was never shown from the chest down.

Killer instinct
Killer instinct

Very little else is known about Aria but we will keep you posted. Stay up to date - Follow me on Twitter and like our page. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE HERE to us on Youtube for more of this awesome content!


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