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Obviously, for Ultron , who doesnt like a bad ass Artificial Intelligence with the humour of Tony Stark , and who has learned all his English literature from Disney stories and has the ability to evolve.?

This movie was like I was watching ' I ,robot ' with Ultron as V.I.K.I and Avengers fighting against it. And then Ultron is like 'my logic is undeniable' and vision is like ' so you've got to die'.

Anthony Edward Stark

Tony Stark
Tony Stark

Tony Stark, Robert Downey Jr. , one and the same thing right ! Without his sarcasm any Marvel movie is incomplete!


Captain Leads once more!
Captain Leads once more!

Finally Captain America being in a place he deserves ! Captain was finally in-charge after all the SHIELD-HYDRA thing.. Feels ! right?

Waiting for more than 70 years and he can now finally lead the Avengers!


You really need to watch the movie for him. He even steals the screen from Tony!

An Android , but more human ! "I am not Ultron's child , I am not Jarvis. I am , I am ?"

Team -Up

The best team up seen uptil now!

Iron Man

Captain America






Scalett Witch




Yet everyone get sufficient screen time!

Its All Connected!

People who follow Marvel movie and TV shows , they will get this . Easter Egg's Everywhere!

Romanoff's past, Black Panther , Infinity War , its all connected!

Black Widow

We finally get to know a little about Black widow. Her past and whats so red in her ledger.

We get to connect few things with a character in agent carter. but as i said its all connected.

Black Widow has some issues. She always did :D But we get to know them clearly this time. Not to mention Romance with hulk? !

Hawk Eye

Hawk Eye, finally gets his role in the team, really feels like its his team. While everyone's mind is controlled by Scarlett witch, he's like 'I'm done with the whole mind control thing babe! Not a fan!

This time Barton really proves his place And officially adds members to the team 'If you step out of that door , you're an avenger'

Disney !

Disney ! Disney ! Disney!

Disney everywhere!

Monsters , beauty and the beast , Cinderella ballet and not to forget the Pinocchio song!

Disney has turned the Marvel Superhero movies into fairy tales!

Well, A superhero movie is very much similar to a fairy tale anyways. The good always defeats the bad!

Action filled 143 minutes!

That movie was so fast that quicksilver himself couldn't watch it.!

In the movie there are like 20-25 scenes where you either scream or you are like shitfuc*

" Ultron-Avengers how can u possibly stop me?

Uh! Caps says Together!

* Fight * music * fight * music * fight * slow motion * fight * music *

And we are done! "

Hell lot of characters together, and hell lot of plot lines.

All that in 143 mins and lots more! No single moment when you can take your eyes off screen.


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