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Vishwajeet Sathye

Well well well. I need time to digest all of it. That movie was so fast that quicksilver himself couldn't watch it.!

It just started in between a battle and ended in the start of something new ! (Spoilers) May I call it ? The new avengers?!

Was it a Avengers Retire movie after Avengers Assemble?

And then tony stark builds ultron in a matter of time like its some kind of high school science experiment.

I thought the only thing that was supposed to be fast was quicksilver, not the whole movie and the characters and their powers and their supergenious minds so then everything is like a doll house play

Y wont it ? It should right? Disney Disney Disney!

Disney everywhere!

Monsters , beauty and the beast , Cinderella ballet and not to forget the Pinocchio song!

This movie was like I was watching ' I ,robot ' with ultron as V.I.K.I and avengers fighting against it. And then ultron is like 'my logic is undeniable' and vision is like ' so you've got to die'.

Avengers age of ultron!

Awesome job by Joss Whedon again! He should be given a Oscar for making a 2hrs 23 mins film out of a 8hours long script.

Hell lot of characters together, still managed to give everyone sufficient screen time , also introducing the plot-line of infinity war, finding everyone's fears,introducing a plot-line for black panther,Natasha Bruce romance, creating an ultron army and then creating an android to stop in a very specific time.

Tony you've got 3 mins to create vision .

Uh okay done. Here we go! Hello everyone! I am the worthy one(spoilers)

Oh I forgot hydra's leader is dead. Again.

But cut one head off and two others shall take its place .So duh!

This time Barton really proves his place in the team! And officially adds members to the team 'If you step out of that door , you're an avenger'.

In the movie there are like 20-25 scenes where you either scream or you are like shitfuc*

Cap-Language! Sorry!

And then a lot of combo attacks from the avengers and in between we really don't see the twins coming.

Then there's the exact same shot as in Avengers-I - Nick Fury on his helicarrier and Maria Hill as second in command.

And as expected avengers how can u possibly stop me?

Uh! Caps says Together!

* Fight * music * fight * music * fight * slow motion * fight * music *

And we are done. Relocate the avengers base and let's start again.

Phew! Ya that's all there in 143 mins. And there's more.

Worth watching at least 5 times in the theatre and then you can buy a blue ray.

And marvel I always said I'm with you till the end of the credits! And you failed me this time . All I got in the end was ' Avengers will return'

Ya they will , because we'll need them to!


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