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Caution dear readers, possible big Suicide Squad spoilers will follow!

It wasn't too long ago when the spoiler happy folks at Latino Review were dropping a mind bending reveal about some possible connections to Aquaman popping up in the currently filming Suicide Squad movie. A couple weeks ago there were more hints that Suicide Squad is doing even more future DC movie set up with the rumors that rapper turned actor Common might actually be appearing in Suicide Squad as Auquaman's main foe Black Manta. Let's unpack what we've heard so far about Suicide Squad's relationship to the Aquaman movie.

Black Manta & Aquaman's Trident

That first rumor, in case you missed it or forgot, was a helluva head scratcher. It was centered on Aquaman's trident - yes that powerful object that he never leaves home without. Well, the story goes that this item might be revealed to be a treasured object in Suicide Squad head honcho Amanda Waller's prized collection that she keeps locked away down in the basement of her Belle Reve prison.

Black Manta in action on the pages of Aquaman.
Black Manta in action on the pages of Aquaman.

Yes, this raised all sorts of questions - but the rumor didn't stop there. There was also the additional information that Suicide Squad might actually take place before the events of Batman vs Superman! Now if we take all of this in for a moment... So many questions... Maybe this new Black Manta information could shed some light on things.

Aquaman's Bad Blood With Black Manta

Just who is Black Manta, you may be asking? Well, in the underwater world of Auquaman Atlantis, there are three main bad guys: There's Orm Aquaman's evil brother who, when he's not declaring war on the humans, likes to try and take over Atlantis in his spare time. And then there's Kordax, who has a laundry list of issues after being abandoned as a child by an Atlantean Queen and likes to take it out on the rest of Atlantis by trying to reclaim his birthright. Finally, we have Black Manta. How bad a guy is he? Well, how bad do you consider killing Aquaman's son? Yeah, he's a pretty bad dude, all right. Of course, he has his bone to pick with Aquaman too, as Black Manta holds Auquaman responsible for the death of his father.

No Stranger to Suicide Squad & Belle Reve

We'll see if any of this backstory is revealed if and when Black Manta appears on screen in the DC cinematic universe but there are some current developments in the pages of DC New 52 comic books that adds fuel to this Suicide Squad rumor. After another attempt at killing Aquaman and his family, Black Manta ended up at Amanda Waller's Belle Reve prison and refused to join the Suicide Squad. There was a prison break, which has been rumored to be the ending of a leaked draft of the Suicide Squad script, and after getting out of Belle Reve Black Manta immediately goes to the Justice League Watchtower, takes Aquaman's trident, and visits his father's grave trying to put his death wish for Aquaman behind him.

Black Manta, established inmate at Belle Reve.
Black Manta, established inmate at Belle Reve.

If Suicide Squad is establishing the fact that Amanda Waller somehow has gotten a hold of Aquaman's Trident in her precious metahuman trophy case, it sounds like this thing could find itself in the hands of Black Manta by the end of the movie - setting up some interesting questions for Justice League and Jason Momoa's solo Aquaman movie. But this would still leave some questions as to what kind of trident situation Aquaman will have in Batman vs Superman and what kind of continuity plans DC and Warner Bros has in mind for these movies.

So some questions have some possible answers and other remain clouded in mystery. Such is the circle of life in the world of superhero movie rumors.

What do you think? Is Common some good Black Manta casting on DC and Warner Bros' part? Did you have someone else in mind for the role? How do you think Suicide Squad might play into Aquaman? Take to the comments section, dear reader!


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