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Shadan Syed

So, David Ayer, the director of the movie Suicide Squad, released the first look at The Joker last Friday and fans have received it with mixed feelings. Some say that it's not The Joker they expected, while others say that Jared Leto pulled it off with complete awesomeness as it conveyed the total "insane" and "freak" look.

So, on April 27th, YouTube channel Toniemcee uploaded a sketch which revolves around Jack Nicholson reacting to the new joker. Here check it out yourself!

Whether Nicholson's feelings were real or not, I can't tell. But, it was an awesome video! Personally, I liked the look and it is making me excited about the new movie!

Tell me what you think? Can Jared Leto pull of the Joker with utmost awesomeness? Comment down below!

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Do you think is Jared Leto a good choice for Joker?


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