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Battlefield hardline is a spin off game in battlefield series that revolve around cops and criminals in urban environment. In battlefield hardline single player campaign, one has many chances to arrest the badguys and shoot them. The enemies respect the badge of a police officer and that gives us options. If you are a police officer, you can order a group of three or fewer enemies to freeze. After you freeze them, you can arrest them or gun them down. Cuffing the enemies is the best option as it lets you earn more points which unlocks more weapons and gadgets. But this option can be used when you can manage to be out of sight of the enemies. You can arrest the bad guys one by one until all you see around are handcuffed knocked out criminals. Battlefield hardline requires patience and skill.

Avoiding falling buildings would be a good start
Avoiding falling buildings would be a good start

You can run also around shooting everyone. The best part of the game is the realistic weapons that feel and sound great. Moreover, you can catch the criminals by scanning the area, explosives or alarm systems so they appear on your radar. This can be done before entering combat. Preplanned action always works! The best way to boost your level is to play stealthily. Mastering stealth unlocks tons of big, noisy guns. The new guns can’t be used quickly if you are shooting stuff all the time like it can be used by stealth player.

The characters like your partner, boss, criminals etc. are also very interesting because of the strong voice and animation work.

Unlocking weapons and gadgets in multiplayer uses the monetary system meaning thereby that you can purchase what you want when you have the money to buy them. Money is earned in addition to scores while playing each of the seven game modes. Various cheat codes in Battlefield hardlinehack are:


In Battlefield hardline, secret reload animations display in place of standard ones. Your chances of actually seeing a variant are slim: about 1 in 1000. Alternate reloads include the pistol spins, the Jedi force push, the dumb rocket launcher throw and many others. The animations can be seen only when you empty your clip.


In the multiplayer map, there is a drivable couch known as the American dream. Few of them can be seen scattered around the map. If the gun is moved over the couch, a button prompt will appear so that you can enter the American dream. If you run over people with the couch, you will learn that you killed them with the MERICA.

The features of Battlefield Hardline hack are:

BATTLEFIELD HARDLINE AIMBOT: Battlefield hardline hack has fifteen customizable and configurable settings that allows you to prioritize enemies and eliminate them quickly and easily. Battlefield hardline aimbot gives more accuracy than before.


With battlefield hardline hacks, you can get more advantages and will be able to rank up quicker than the rest. Hardline ESP lets you know player names, weapons, class, health and more. Therefore it has Player box ESP, Player distance ESP, skeleton ESP, Player names ESP, player health ESP, Explosives ESP etc. ‘one of the best ways to wed you enemies is to know them inside and out.’


The inconvenient disadvantages can be removed from the game so that you get shots off from anywhere. No spread, no sway, no recoil, no fog, no smoke and you are going to love it!

BATTLEFIELD HARDLINE ANTI-CHEAT PROTECTION: Battlefield has teamed up with Fair fight and Punk Buster anti-cheats to go war with hardline hacks, hardline cheats are neither detected nor banned in any system.

BATTLEFIELD HARDLINE WARNINGS: Battlefield hardline hack is for the benefit for all of us. Gamerscore can be boosted up by knowing where your enemies are at all times. Battlefield Hardline has proximity alerts, ‘aiming at you’ warnings and is fully configurable.

32/64 BIT SYSTEM COMPATIBILTY: Hardline cheat program runs on two versions. A 32 bit and 64 bit. Whatever you’re running, you’ll able to run the game on your terms for as little as $1.95.

Chasity includes soldier chasm and vehicle chasm. Soldiers and vehicles will be fully colored so that you can easily see them and also see them behind walls.

MISCELLANEOUS: it has magic bullets, vehicle unlock swapping and gadget unlock swapping.

Therefore Battlefield hardline hack gives you many advantages in Battlefield hardline.


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