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Phase 3 is quickly approaching us in the form of some really exciting superhero movies with the likes of: Captain America 3, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, etc. Before all that however is the mildly anticipated Ant-Man starring comedy man Paul Rudd. Personally, I'm very much looking forward to see some ground-breaking visuals seeing Ant-Man in action. Anyway, I've made a list of some spoiler-ish things that MIGHT happen in the MCU in Phase 3.

1. Spider-Man's Introduction

This one is kind of obvious but still worth mentioning. The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is getting his long over-due welcoming to the MCU family. Most reports are saying he will be younger than previous Peter Parker's around the age of 14-17. Also that presumably means he won't be a full time Avenger and that he may just break away from his teen life to help his fellow superheroes. Marvel won't want to rush introducing Spider-Man, but I think there may be a little, subtle hint at the end of Cap 2: Civil War (hopefully).

2. Tony Stark & Steve Rogers Divide

Iron Man and Cap will have their differences
Iron Man and Cap will have their differences

This one is a sure definite, but for those who are unaware: [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) will be based on the comic line involving the divide between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. This happens due to the government wanting to implement regulations on Superheroes. The friction between these characters is built up in earlier movies such as: Avengers 1 & 2. They will obviously have to rejoin forces to fight Thanos in Infinity Wars, but seeing the friction will be awesome none-the-less.

3. Two More Infinity Gems

When Thanos has all 6 Infinity Gems he is undoubtedly one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe and let's be honest, it's inevitable. So far we have 4 out of the 6. That means we have yet to see 2 more before Infinity Wars in 2017. That means it will turn up in either: Doctor Strange (very possible), Ant-Man (unlikely), Guardians of The Galaxy 2 (very possible), Thor 3 (possible) or even Infinity Wars Part 1. Either way it should be exciting seeing the last two giving the fact that the last 4 were such integral parts of their respective movies!

4. Diversity

Phase 3 is the phase of Diversity for Marvel and better late than never. Now I'm not one of those over-diversified robots that believe everything needs to change race and gender but I think the introduction of Marvel's first female-led movie (Captain Marvel) along with Black Panther brings some healthy diversity into the franchise. As long as they don't go making Thor a woman or anything like that I'm happy.

5. Death

The MCU will be split!
The MCU will be split!

So far the MCU has been ticking all the boxes for their blockbuster movies bar one exception that is death. I don't mean the occasional mid-important character getting a small little death, I'm talking main characters that give us real reactions that ultimately shake every movie after it. I'm expecting this in [Avengers: Infinity War - Part II](tag:2390833) and more so in Part 2. There is no way Thanos is getting his Infinity Gauntlet and not causing some death. Expect some darker times for Marvel.

What do you guys think? Is there anything you would like to happen or think WILL happen? Leave a comment below on theories etc!

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