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I could watch it again, over and over and over again. And I do, that first moment where Tony Stark's Hulkbuster is slowly piecing itself together, and all the mechanics and gears are clicking together and his Mk. 43 suit is being safely locked up underneath the giant mass of metal's head. It's... it's a thing of beauty.

But there are some other "buster" suits that make Age of Ultron's Hulkbuster look like something you'd pull out of the bottom of a cereal box (it'd still look damn good though). Some strange, some straight up mental yet all incredible.

The geniuses over at Halloween Costumes have created a badass infographic that details the best "busters" to ever fall out of the mind of the "genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist", what makes them so irresistibly awesome and their gadgets.

Wanna have a look? Of course you do:

Busting Makes Me Feel Good

AoU Hulkbuster

Let's start off with this beauty.

World War Hulk's Mk.II

The Invincible Iron Man: Standoff's Mk.23

Avengers vs. X-Men's Phoenix-Killer Armor

Iron Man Vol.5's Hulkbuster

Armor Wars' Galactus Buster

How sick was that?! They even finished off the infographic with a little side by side comparison of the "busters!" I'd happily go for a ride in Galactus Buster, but, to be honest, an empty bus ride pleases me.

What say you?

Get over to Halloween Costumes' blog and have a look at the infographic in its full glory!


Which "buster" is most badass?

(Source: Halloween Costumes)


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