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Julia Lynn Sluiter

I lived in an old apartment above a bar in Arizona with my now ex-boyfriend. He worked night shifts at a power plant. The first morning that we were in the apartment, I got in the shower. I hear the front door open and then the bedroom door. I called out to my ex, thinking it was him. There was no answer, when I got out of the shower, I went to see if he just hadn't heard me. There was no one there. The bedroom door had a very distinct noise, your could hear the wood rubbing against the door frame.

I knew there had been activity in the apartments, because I had a friend who live in the same building as me. He told us that doors opened and shut by them selves. I've witnessed it happen in his apartment as well.

The owner of the building had a daughter who once lived in the apartments. She and her friends would use a ouija board to try and talk to the spirits.

Another time I woke up to a freezing apartment. When I went out, the thermostat had Been turned all the way down. There was no way I had done this. I believe it was what ever was in the apartment with me.

Sometimes I couldn't sleep at all at night. I would stay awake reading and waiting for the sun to come up. One night like this, it was 3 o'clock in the AM and I heard three loud bangs on my door. When I went out to look to see if there was anyone out in the hall, I was alone. I could have heard someone walking up the hall, even a 105 lb girl like me made noise on the floor.

I always wanted to try to figure out what was in the apartment with us, but my ex would never let me do any sort of session in the apartment.


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