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Few actors get to play during their life a character that ends up entering the collective consciousness. Fewer still manage to escape that gilded cage and move on to have respectful careers, and fewer still manage to not play one of those characters, but multiple.

Sir Ian McKellen, another example of awesome
Sir Ian McKellen, another example of awesome

Harrison Ford has had the luck (and talent) to play both Indiana Jones and Han Solo in Star Wars. The first started as a homage to pulp magazines adventurers from the '20s and '30s, the latter was the archetypical rascal with a heart of gold. Yet somehow, despite being cardboard characters initially (or maybe precisely because of that), they managed to enter our collective minds and stay there.

But the question remains, which of the the two characters is more kickass? which one would be the best trip companion? which one would be able to save you from the most dangerous situation? Which one would cook you a better gluten free muffin? Fear not, I am here to bring you peace and answers.

General resourcefulness

This is a tricky one; Han clearly knows how to move in the world of space smugglers and the Hutt mafia, but he would stick out like a sore thumb if he had to find his way out of an ancient tomb. Indy, on the other hand, can walk the walk and talk the talk in the academic world, but he is not the best at keeping a low profile.

All in all, both are quite resourceful in their own medium, and it would be unfair to give the upper hand to one or the other, so I will call it a draw. One point for each.


Han Solo has the charm
Han Solo has the charm

This one, I'm sorry Dr. Jones, is a clear win for Han Solo. Han can disappear and lay low if he runs into trouble, he isn't even beneath running away and using every trick in the book to save his skin.

Indiana Jones on the other hand always gets into trouble, always rocks the boat and follows his principles even if that means running into trouble.

It's true that Han also blunders his way through once in a while and gets caught, but just think about it, if you had to pick one of the two to travel with you into enemy territory you know Han would be able to get in and out with the goods without anyone noticing, while Indy would end up fist fighting half of the bad guys. One point for Han.

Honesty and integrity

Han Solo might have evolved as a character and ended up being an (almost) straight example of hero, but his past as a space smuggler is still with him. Indiana Jones on the other hand is a goody two shoes that puts his life in danger not to reap any benefits, but to get stuff into museums and save others.

Just think which of the two would be more likely to pay you a debt back, or to keep his word. Ask the Hutts what Han's word is worth, meanwhile Indy will keep his word even to his enemies and will go the extra mile to make sure things are settled the right way, even if it means getting into harm's way.

By the time Indy arrives to save the day after risking his skin several times, Han will be chilling a few light years away. Point for Indy.

Culture and street wisdom

Another tricky one, since both of them are quite well versed in the world around them. Han Solo knows (mostly) who not to tick off in order to keep his ship and his head on (I said mostly because he seems to mess up with Jabba a few times), in a world of smugglers and space mafiosos that is quite an accomplishment. Dr. Jones also knows how to move around, not only in the academic world but also out in the open. You can literally drop him out of a plane in the middle of nowhere and he will find his way.

Han might know how to move in the criminal underbelly better than Indy, who would probably let his own high moral standards get him into trouble, but you have to give some credit to the guy that managed to go to Berlin to a Nazi rally, meet Hitler in person, and not get caught, some credit.

One point for each.

Combat prowess

In a fist fight Indy would definitely have the lead, if Han is allowed to use his blaster, then Indy is toast.

In general we can agree Indy is a better rounded fighter, he can fight hand to hand, shoots well enough and can pilot planes, horseback ride or ride motorbikes like que is Mike Doohan. Still, on the long range Han would probably have him. I call it another draw.

One point for each.

The final results:

You guessed it, it's a draw between the two; 4 points for each and 3 draws on particular topics. A tough contest, but we are talking about two of the coolest movie heroes there are.

Can we all just agree that Harrison Ford is great?


Who is better, Indiana Jones or Han Solo?


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