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Laura Sofia Z

When my family and I moved to a big house close to my school, we were thrilled. It was a huge, white two-story house that held nothing but good promises. Never did we imagine the horrifying things that would happen later on in that same dream house.

Like every other family out there, we had "the dog". That one creature that had joined the family at a very early stage of our lives. She was a yellow labrador and had already been spayed (for her sake and ours). Naturally, we brought her along into this new adventure.

Since we lived on top of a hill with barely any places to go to, we often found the streets to be very quiet. I must have been about 13 years old at the time. On this particular night, I had already made several attempts at finishing my homework, but I realized I needed my mom's help. My parents were both at a parent meeting at school and I was patiently waiting for them upstairs with Jenna, one of the two "stay" domestic ladies that helped us out (by "stay" I mean, they stayed every weeknight) and they were taking care of us while my parents were out. My siblings, however, were already asleep leaving only the two of us and Linda, who was downstairs doing the dishes. As we passed the time, both of us upstairs started to see some shadows outside (the window was open and faced the front of the house). We both found this to be odd since our house didn't have any other buildings (or anything for that matter) nearby. God, there wasn't even a sidewalk. We decided to dismiss the incident but noticed a stray dog coming through the gates (which was weird since the gates were extremely heavy and even though they were broken, it took an adult human force to open).

We waited a few more minutes and agreed that we shouldn't wait too much longer, it was about time they came back. Almost immediately we heard barking outside and realized the stray dog and "the dog" were in the middle of...some business, but there was something strange about the whole thing. She kept barking and walking around like something was wrong.

A few minutes later, we heard high heels going up the stairs. Finally, mom was home. Except, she never actually reached the top floor. I asked Jenna if she had also heard the heels going up the stairs, maybe I imagined it. But she had. We both had. We then realized that we never heard the gates open to let the car in, so there was no way my mom could've been in the house. Scared, we both went downstairs to see what was going on. We found Linda by the dishwasher looking out, a little scared. We asked her if my parents were home, that we had heard my mom going up. She simply answered 'no, but I've been hearing these voices outside and they don't go away, someone's definitely out there and I'm getting scared'.

The whole situation seemed confusing and bizarre. We decided to stay together until my parents arrived (a whole 30 mins. later) and never spoke of it again.

Weeks later, my mom mentioned going to a priest. I asked her why, but she simply ignored my question. It was until months later that she told me she had been hearing things at night. She would wake up in the dead of the night and hear chains being dragged across the wooden floorboards. She started suffering of nightmares and didn't know what to do, so she went to a priest. Even though these noises stopped, I couldn't help but relive that night and the footsteps I had heard.

We never knew what had happened, or who it was we were hearing at night. However, we did see the same stray dog a couple of times afterwards. He had brown hair with one brown eye and one blue eye. We made sure to fix that gate and keep a light on at night.


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