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Actor Daniel Bruhl is all set to play the super villain Baren Zemo in the Captain America: Civil War. You may recognize the actor from his performances in movies like Inglorious Bastards where he plays the part of Fredrick Zoller and in movie called the rush where he plays the part of the famous F1 driver Niki Lauda.

For those who are not familiar with who the super villain Baren Zemo is i don't blame you because many fans in the marvel cinematic universe are unfamiliar with the character's history in the comics. So i am gonna tell a little about him so you know what to expect from him in 2016.

First of all there are 2 Baren Zemo in the marvel comics. One is Heinrich who fought Captain America during the world war 2 and the other is Helmut who took up the life of a super villain after his father's death. As of now we have no idea which of the Baren Zemo will be portrayed by the actor Daniel Bruhl in the Captain America : Civil War. The reason Baren Zemo does not take off his purple mask is because both the Baren Zemo are forced to wear them due to their horrible injuries. Baren Zemo was the leader of the Thunderbolts the villain group known as the Masters of Evil disguise themselves a hero team called The Thunderbolts – and this was all organized under the leadership of Baron Zemo.

So i think that should do it to give you just a brief idea about who Baren Zemo is and as of now i can't really comment on if Daniel Bruhl would be perfect playing Baren Zemo until the official image of how he looks is out. But i really want to know what you guys think.


Are You Happy Daniel Bruhl is playing the part of Baren Zemo ??


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