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"Oh my God !"
is the only possible reaction after watching Avengers : Age of ultron. This is one of the best movie Marvel has ever made followed by Gaurdians of the galaxy. This time they used a perfect balance of action and comedy and gave the best of them;though we expect more in Avengers 3.

The film features (Oops..spoiler ahead..or you know that)Earth's mightiest heroes fighting with hundreds of Ultrons.This movie introduces the twins-Wanda Maximoff and Pietro Maximoff(Scarlet witch and Quiksilver)

run pietro run
run pietro run

(spoiler ahead..a big one)The whole film deal with their fight with Ultron who uses internet to float anywhere he likes evolves himself ,makes vision and sets to destroy earth in order to evolve human beings.Then the Avengers fight them,save the earth....and do a lot of comedy.

Oh and the mid credit scene which actually shows the future of Marvel films was surprising and unexpected.It features Thanos wearing his Gauntlet and saying

I will do it myself

This films shows us four infinty gems.One of them which is seen attached to the Visions head is none other than the gem inside Loki's sceptre ,the main thing is that its yellow.

The avengers now have the idea that they are dealing with something more powerful than Loki or Ultron, as for them it is hard to digest the coincidence that the gems appeared around them so rapidly in past few years that they belive some is planning to get those gems and using the Avengers as his PUPPETS( yes he is Thanos himself but the Avengers dont know it right)

So just two stones more and we will be able to see Avengers Infinty Wars Part 1.

The Tesserect (which has the space gem.Probably the blue one),Reality gem(Aether, from Thor the dark world,the red one),Power gem(The Orb,GOTG,violet),Mind gem(Yellow,caged in Loki's scepter,presently attached to the Vision's head)

Now the tesserect is on Asgard,The Orb is on planet Nova Empire,The Aether is with The Collector,and mind gem is with the Vision.The next two stones might come up in GOTG 2,Thor: Ragnarok,when thanos invades Asgard and Xandar.

In a party scene,Falcon talks with Cap about his mission to track Winter soldier(Bucky),surely he is going to come at the time of the Civil War,when Crossbones assassinates Cap.

Captain America 3 is coming next year ,destroying present Avengers team and leading a new one (having Captain Marvel,Black Panther)

Infinity Wars may not feature Cap but it has its whole new bunch of heroes like Ant man,Doctor Strange,Inhumans,The Defenders(not so sure) including Daredevil,Jessica Jones ,Luke Cage,Iron fist,and the last but not the least the gaurdians of the galaxy.Lets see what happens ahead.


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