ByJonathan Edward Weaver II, writer at
Writer/Podcaster at Joncast recently released these amazing photos from Mark Hamill's personal photo album. With each day getting closer to the new Star Wars movie, its nice to have a look back. These evoke a lot of emotion, going back to a time where Mark Hamill didn't know the future of the franchise. Even after the prequels, playing Luke Skywalker again seemed to be pipe dream. Now he is back and better than ever, so lets take a look at his previous venture into the franchise with these amazing behind the scenes photos.

1.The Emperor, Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles walk into a bar...

2. Nathan Hamill joined the Dark Side!

3.Nathan Hamill playing around with a trash can...I mean R2-D2.

4.Mark, Marilou and Nathan Hamill waiting on Yoda to finish cooking.

5.Nathan Hamill helping Yoda get into character.

6. Cuddly Ewoks or nightmare fuel with Mark, Marilou and Nathan Hamill.


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