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I have full respect for those with the creative minds that produce art portraying a typical Disney character that then meshed with another world.

HodgesArt, for example, has created a few t-shirts for Teepublic, showcasing their twists on some of our favorite Disney figures.

Ariel Is A Punk Rocker

Tattoos, a badass haircut, a few piercings, and a black bikini top is definitely something I would do if I were a mermaid. She looks killer.

Darth Ducky

Cartoony cute and scary powerful is not a look many can pull off, but this duck sure is.

The Hutt Never Bothered Her Anyway

Slave Elsa is giving us all goosebumps, since she's looking so sexy in her slave get-up. Princess Leia could take some notes.

Game of Throne's Daenerys Targaryen, Queen of All The Dragons

And this includes the dragons from Disney too.

Not So Ordinary

I never though Dave Grohl could be more of a badass than he is already, but this t-shirt proved me wrong. If only he was a broom-flying magical wizard.

Time to bust out those credit cards and order a few shirts. To be honest, I actually just want to walk around actually looking like "Punk Ariel" starting tomorrow.

[Source: geektyrant]


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