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Mark Capehart

Been away to long. More posts coming up and here is a preview of what is to come.

1. Favorite "offbeat" vampires in film (may include the flick in the above pic...still sorting em out)

2. A different kind of werewolf. Yup another list

3. reports from horror fests and gatherings

4. Mad scientist, so much more than just a fake accent.

Be on the lookout and follow my page.....pretty please.

An amendment to this post. Neglected to mention I will be attending and posting about some upcoming events. Starting with this weekends free comic book day.

What does that have to do with my love of horror? Everything...I love horror comics.

Will be at Hypno Comics in Ventura and Eric Powell, writer of Big Trouble in Little China (how is that for movie/horror/martial art connection) .

Post some pics of the horror comics and assorted enjoyment.

Will be going to Horror film fests and Halloween events coming up.

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