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It has become apparent in the film industry today that Marvel has thrived and DC Comics has been nothing but a disappointment (excluding Nolan's take in the Dark Knight Trilogy). There have been many controversial casting connected to the upcoming DC projects, but there is one that will ultimately save the day for the comic book company. This actor is none other than Jared Leto. When photos and videos surfaced of Jared Leto's turn as the Joker, it did nothing but amaze me. His look is so radical and fitting that it will give the viewer a sense of short-term memory loss, and will cause the audience to forget about his predecessors. Jared Leto is a lively actor who fully submits himself into roles, which is why he will save DC films. The Academy Award Winner will be so cynical and insane that he will awe audiences. Although he has a small role in Suicide Squad, his screen time will steal the spotlight, and make the audience beg for another Batman v. Joker match-up. As a method actor, he has completely submerged himself to this role, and it will be nothing less of spectacular. The official image revealed came off as either silly or fantastic to society, but do not worry. The overblown tattoos across his body has been rumored to not be apart of his official make-up and costume in the films. If there is one saving grace to the upcoming DC movies, it is Jared Leto. He will become the perfect villain on screen, and will become a key figure to help swing viewers in DC's favor over Marvel. Leto will be able to use the precise amount of humor and insanity to portray the Clown. Without Leto, the DC Universe would be undermined because they have not yet bee able to find an actor that can universally intrigue an audience.


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