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Following the highly anticipated release of American Horror Story: Hotel's full cast list, we fans have a lot to celebrate. Evan Peters is coming back! Frances Conroy has another untouchable role! Angela Basset will be competing with Lady Gaga for song and screen time!

My personal favorites—Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson, and Bassett—have all confirmed their return among many, many others. But, with any season of the anthology show, there are some people that get left behind. Sure, I'm still excited about another incredibly stylish set of trailers, but those won't change the fact that Jessica Lange won't be in my life on a weekly basis.

We probably won't be seeing any of these amazing stars this time around for Hotel, but that doesn't mean we can't see more of them in the future. Here are the 7 American Horror Story alums who won't make it back for Hotel but shouldn't be buried too deep.

1. Jessica Lange

Is there anyone else I could start with? I want Jessica Lange on my TV screen at all times. She could be folding paper bags in a beige room for 16 straight hours, and I would still be riveted. Lange helped make the show the phenomenon that it is, and all these weeks later, I'm still bummed to see her go.

Of course, her absence opens up the potential for someone else to command the spotlight, which is part of the reason I'm so excited for Hotel. However, one thing will always be true:

2. Zachary Quinto

Okay, so between Matt Bomer, Alexander Skarsgård, and Cheyenne Jackson, Hotel is already stacked with offensively attractive male stars. But, there's always room for one more, right?

Plus, Zachary Quinto has proven himself to be a convincingly terrifying presence in his work on the show so far, especially as the crazed Dr. Oliver Thredsen in Asylum. Whether they cast him as the good guy or the depraved villain, I'm going to need Quinto to return to another AHS universe eventually.

3. Naomi Grossman

Naomi Grossman played the unforgettable Pepper in Asylum and Freakshow, but how great would it be to see her in an entirely new role? The beauty of American Horror Story is how much the actors can change from one season to another, and after playing the same distinctive character twice, Grossman offers the perfect opportunity for that.

Imagine her as a glamorous and cunning back-up singer (maybe even with hair!) who turns to the dark side in a bid to upstage Lady Gaga. I'm just spitballing here, but I'm really hoping this isn't the end of Grossman on AHS.

4. Dylan McDermott

His roles on American Horror Story have ranged from the mostly sympathetic protagonist to the unexpected final villain, but there's no way that can be the end for Dylan McDermott. He's currently starring in the CBS show Stalker, but there has been cancelation talk circling for weeks now. Could that open up the door for his return to AHS's ever-changing world?

The amazing thing behind the premise of Hotel is how many different guests can check in and out. Perhaps McDermott can get a one night stay, which will set him up nicely to be part of a future season.

5. Jamie Brewer

Not only has Jamie Brewer been one of the most visible and successful actors living with a disability, her characters have always added a little something extra to all the seasons she's been on. From her heartbreaking debut to her clairvoyant sweetheart Nan, Brewer has managed to create memorable scenes alongside performance veterans and consistently impresses.

I'm holding on to hope that because we weren't expecting to see her in Freakshow, she might just make a surprise appearance as a guest in Hotel. Even if that wish fades, I still want to see more out of Jamie Brewer.

6. James Cromwell

James Cromwell may have only appeared on one season (Asylum), but his turn as the ruthlessly evil Nazi doctor certainly left an impression. I'd argue that he was one of the creepiest components of a very creepy season, and that's only one part that the experienced actor can play. I'd love to see him in a more sympathetic role, evading the forces of darkness instead of embodying them.

Plus, Cromwell had a long-running storyline with Frances Conroy (who played Moira, the Angel of Death, Myrtle Snow, and Dandy's mother in previous seasons) on another show, and I selfishly want to see the two reunited again.

7. Connie Britton

I know I've been a little heavy with the Murder House alums, but hear me out. One of the confirmed returning actresses is Christine Estabrook, who played the real estate agent Marcy on AHS's first season. For Hotel, she'll be playing a character named Abigail...who is also a realtor. Obviously, the names are different, but something is nagging at me that we're going to see a connection here somehow.

If that happens, there's no one I would rather see brought back than Connie Britton. I know that she has her obligations to Nashville, but she is such an incredible force, I want to see her in a role outside of the unknowing victim. There's already a lot of talent attached to the AHS title, but Britton is such an untapped resource, I'm still praying that she makes her way back to FX soon.


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