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Comic book movies can only be as good as their fans.

As long as we're happy with the 3rd-most-beautiful-man-alive Hugh jackman playing Wolverine, we'll never get a true portrayal, which is something more like this:

It's up to the fans to force change, so comic book movies can be the way they should be - awesome.

Here are the five things comic book movie fans need to STOP doing.

1. Not demanding canon

We can't allow the studios flawed, risk-averse-based storytelling ruin the themes and emotions that made us originally obsess over our favorite series. Soon enough we'll have Wolverine riding a skateboard since "he's such a bad-ass."

Fans need to demand that the movies stick to canon and don't veer off to chase current trends or copy other movies.

Man of Steel was a complete failure because it chased after Dark Knight's Success instead of harnessing the mood and themes of Superman, even though Superman needs to be retired anyway. Disagree? Tell me about it in the comments.

2. Thinking race bending is off-canon

Very seldom does race matter when it comes to canon, unless we're talking about someone like Luke Cage or Black Panther.

I remember the uproar when rapper Childish Gambino was suggested as the new Spiderman, but tell me: Why is it crucial that Spiderman be white? In fact, it makes more sense that he'd be black based on population demographics and theme.

3. Supporting bad comic book movies

If you know it's bad, don't see it. Period.

Too often we support these big blockbusters because we love our heroes so much that we don't want to miss seeing the film, but how can we expect studios to stop screwing up our favorite movies if they earn the big bucks either way?

Transformers is a great example. The movie guarantees so much money from phony CBM lovers that they have no incentive to make a spectacular, true-to-canon film.

4. Geeking out over post credit sequences

Tell me one good post credit sequence.

I'll wait.

Most of them are complete trash, and just serve to tell the audience, "this whole movie was just a building movie. Don't worry. The second one will be good."

5. Assuming female fans are ignorant, or treating them differently than male fans in the first place

Some of the most influential people in the geek culture are women like Felicia Day or Olivia Munn. So, boys, enough with the "Oh, wow. You're into comics???"

Of course she is! Comics and comic book movies are awesome!

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