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Coming off Guardians of the Galaxy and Furious 7, Vin Diesel plays in a action/fantasy film about an immortal witch hunter battling evil from ancient times to the 21st Century. I got to see the trailer for this film early and it intrigued me without showing too much unlike certain trailers. *Cough* Terminator Genisys *Cough*

So far, I like the concept of a witch hunter using both modern weaponry and older weaponry to battle demonic enemies. He wields a sword but has a shotgun. Who better to pull it off than Vin Diesel? At this point, I have to see any movie featuring Vin Diesel since he's been around since I was a kid. He was the Iron Giant, he was Riddick, and Dom Toretto. Recently he was the heart and soul of the Guardians of the Galaxy named Groot and now he's playing an awesome warrior who fights demonic monsters, necromancers, and witched. Yeah consider me is already.

Other than the actor, the trailer had some greatly filmed shots, great designs for the character's weaponry, beautiful designs for the strange worlds and monsters he comes across with pretty great CGI for a movie that's not even finished yet.

Like I said, the trailer doesn't show much and I like that. It showed enough to get me interested and see it without spoiling plot points and story. I am interested to know about this story and I definitely will see it.

Do I think this movie will be as great as Star Wars The Force Awakens, Ant-Man, or Avengers Age of Ultron? Nah, but it could be this year's surprisingly great movie.

Get your swords and guns ready cause the Last Witch Hunter is coming this fall and it's going to be awesome!


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