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The Walking Dead has played at our heartstrings ever since it was released in 2010. We now have five seasons of the captivating, gripping apocalyptic world of 'The Walking Dead' and the question is who is you favourite character. We have see a lot of characters stories over the seasons; reviling, emotional and heartbreaking stories. We've seen what different people belive and think and who they have chosen to trust and believe. Who they have chosen to be their new family, who they have chosen to be with.

Looking back to season one which was released on 31st October 2010, we saw two characters, two friends, police officers. Rick Grimes and Shane Walsh in pursuit of a speeding car. Rick gets shot and goes into a coma but we don't see this until later on. He wakes up in a horrible, plagued world filled with the dead. Literally the dead. He wakes up with dead flowers in a vase which is quite ironic, he finds no-one and suddenly he remembers his wife and son, Lori and Carl Grimes. After making his way out of the hospital and to see neighbourhood, he finds no one, nothing but his not wiling to give up hope. That's one thing we see about Rick he has hope, he's not willing to give in. Rick finds himself sitting on a step leading up to a house, to see a figure shuffling in the distance, he's confused to how he is walking. Rick then hears footsteps and starts calling his son only to be hit in the head with a shovel. When Rick then wakes up we are introduced to two new characters; Morgan and Dwayne. We see that Rick becomes friends with Morgan, a friendship that's going to last for a long time.

Later on in season one Rick meets back up with his family and a group of survivors after an ordeal in Atlanta with a lot of walkers, the dead, geeks, biters; what ever you want to call them.

We meet Andrea, Amy, Daryl, Dale, Morales and his family, Jim, Glenn, Merle, Ed and his family which involves Carol and Sophia. Moving on to season two we meet characters such as Hershel, Maggie and Beth Greene.

But the question is who is arguably the favourite character of The Walking Dead. Personally I think it's out of Rick, Daryl, and Glenn. Even though people think Rick has gone a bit 'cray cray' people still like his character and I can see why. He does everything he can for his family, he puts their needs first, he helps them. Then theres Daryl Dixon, the Redneck with the crossbow. Daryl has grabbed many peoples hearts over the season's they've seen he's angry side and he's soft side. He keeps Rick sane, as Rick does with Daryl. Lastly Glenn, the Korean; not Chinese who was quite quite in season one but in the couple of previous season's his character has really started to show and some people think that actually Glenn should be the 'Leader' of the group.

However my favourite character is none of the 'top favourites' mine is Carl Grime. I think his rollercoaster of a story has captured many peoples hearts. He thought he's dad was dead back in season one, then he goes on to lose his mom with his dad going a bit 'cray cray' (a bit being an understatement), and to sum it all up he thinks his sister is dead as well. I think Chandler Riggs plays Carl Grimes perfectly and he really gets into his character.


Who's your favourite character


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